Bastion modules - reactivation delay?

Hi folks, the title says it all I guess. I’m new to Marauders / Bastion, I was wondering if there is a reactivation delay on the module after it’s 1min cycle.

Or can I just permanently stay in Bastion by continuously reactivating the mod?


You can let is turned on without delay, like a prop mod.

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what bastion does do is give you a weapons timer meaning you can’t jump or dock for a minute after it ends. so you might want to turn it off a bit early

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Thanks elitatwo, that’s exactly what I wanted to know

Bastion modules have a 1 min duration and work similarly to how Siege, Triage and Industrial Core do, there are great benefits for these modules but also one major drawback (unable to move). The reactivation of such a module is not longer than it’s duration.

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5-10 minutes duration ©… from ISD member… sigh i’ve got nothing more to say.

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5-10mins says the ISD guy,can someone make me a GM if he can be ISD?

Excuse my earlier assumption of the duration being 5-10min, I was wrong, It’s only a 1 min duration. Nothing else is wrong with what I said. I’ve corrected the error in my earlier post :wink:

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