Marauder Bastion mechanics

What happens when the Bastion module is active and you lose internet connection / you get a power failure? Does the ship shut down the bastion and warp away or does it stay in place due to the bastion immobile effect and eventually gets destroyed?
I need to know this before I train into marauders.

You stay in place until the current bastion cycle runs out. Then, if you’re ship is still alive, you warp out. That was a welcome change when it occurred.

What if you can’t warp out because you’re tackled? Then will it re-bastion or never leave bastion or what

I’ve not had that situation come up, so I can’t answer on that. I’d imagine that if you’re tackled, as per always, you’re stuck there.

When you ship is disconnected, it stops all offensive modules, and when available warps out.
Nothing more, nothing less.
“Offensive” modules are those that give a timer when activated : burst, web, guns, bastion.

I had disconnection issues occasionally and a few times mid-mission, it does take a lot longer for me to log back in than the bastion cycle time of 30s (1 min prior update). I have so far always find myself back in space (mission pocket) with bastion still on many many minutes later.


I have a corp mate with DC issues. He fits his marauders as cap stable active tanks for this reason.


Bastion won’t shut off if you DC. So fit for that if you got DC issues

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