Agression against non capsuleer timer and

Agression against another capsuleer timer.

I got these after doing missions and couldn’t use a gate and then when getting back to station, couldn’t Dock right away due to these timers. I hadn’t even targeted another player and only killed missions specific npcs.

Can someone explain why this happened so i can avoid it please? I was confused and never had this out of the blue before.

I do help some very new pilots and they do get the same message too … their safety is green , no agresive action towards other players tutorial post tutorial stage , they dock up scared , worried if they did something wrong and waiting …

Also i think you need to change the title op OP

It was strange and i thought maybe the wannabe gangkers near me were using some exploit to gangk me. I was in my paladin in 0.9 space though, so I activated my bastion ready to pwn XD

I waited 3mins at the gate and about 30 seconds at the station for the timers to run out.

A Bastion module will cause this, but if you can afford a Marauder, then you should already know this.

That still does not explain the new players case …but well may be was a bug… i have seen a zinitra once undock from rookie starter system … i have watch it like 3 min than disappeared.

I have more isk than experience XD

So using a bastion module in mission sets off a timer outside of the instance?

First normal (lvl 3 / lvl 4 agent) missions are NOT instanced, other players can get to your mission locations.

Second, yes turning on the Bastion module (ANYWHERE) gives a weapon timer. I understand this was done to prevent people sitting on stations with Bastion active while engaging in PvP and then when it started to look like they were losing they would turn off Bastion and dock up.

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Yes i know people can jump into the mission but i thought it was an instance. The warping is just a disguised loading screen isn’t it?

And thank you.

No, the only real instanced Eve game play are Abyssal filaments, everything else takes place in the same space. Anyone can probe you down.

Oh ok thank you.

I believe the way it works is that anyone can probe your location while you’re on a normal mission. However if they then warp to you, they end up at the same acceleration gate you went through. So after the gate they will warp into roughly the same spot that you arrived at.

There’s been some unusual content over the years where keys/tokens were needed for gates. but iirc that’s the process for standard deadspace missions with accel gates.


Somebody just painted a big crosshair on his back here. Hope you posted on an alt. :slight_smile:

Why would i post on my alt? It doesn’t bother me. I don’t have any problem with the game or how people choose to play it beyond the actual time sink and isk costs themselves relative to the average player.

So for that matter im not bothered.

Be sure to share us the lossmail when it happens. :slight_smile:

If and probably wont because it wont even be worth anyones time really and the cost to gangk ratio wouldn’t even be worth it. There’s no tears to farm as i have billions of isk too.

Much better things for people to waste time on. Theblast time i got gangked i thanked one of the 2 guys for saving me 20 jumps XD

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You underestimate some people’s dedication, available free time and the fact they also have wealth and do things just for the sake of it and the fun, not even the tears. But was mostly a joke, though it is entirely possible someone noticed this thread and passed the info along and eventually… but will see how it goes, emergent gameplay and such. :slight_smile: Just in case it happens (jokes aside) drop us a zkill link to your lossmail in case it happens. :wink:

Sure XD

This is truth.

Is it likely? Maybe not.

But don’t discount the dedication some Eve players will demonstrate if they can prove that they are right.

I have wealth as well and dont have a lot of free time to play the game XD