Aggression against capsuleer keeps activating

I am flying around poking (no scan probe hunt required, the green ones) drone and sancha sites in high sec and i keep getting a ping of aggression against a capsuleer tag (weapons timer I researched its name). I freaked out the first time it happened I thought i was about to explode! I didn’t and i have no idea why… about any of it, my not exploading or why i got tagged.

It happened 3 times. Each time i get a red chain link thing and a cool down for 60 seconds, happens only when i destroy targets rapidly.
I cant find any record or thing that points to why this is happening. I see in my long term records my security status is lowering to but in the short term changes I cant see any record of it. Its all very VERY weird, and weird really really bad as i’m free meat every time that red tag is up as far as i’m aware.

Anyone have an idea of what causes this?

What weapons are you using?

Some weapons, like Smartbombs, will always give you a weapons timer, even if you’re just sitting in empty space hitting nothing.

smartbombs , links, jammers

No smart bombs, just simply 8 large laser turrets.

Link your ship fit.

Oh that’s the time when you are invulnerable! (well, mostly - 95% damage resistance) So that’s the best time to shoot another capsuleer! Try it.

I saw it at Jita the other day, just firing a snowball at someone.

Weapons timer is not aggression against a capsuleer. It’s a weapons timer. It means certain things like you can’t refit in space or jump gates.

Aggression against capsuleers is a 15 minute yellow timer.

What timer are you talking about? The exclamation mark? I haven’t shot anything in a long time. I just sit in in a station and shuffle orders around.

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I don’t know that song, assuming it is a song.

hmm I had it in Jita too, it was a red timer, but instead I had to shoot NPCs so I was going to an anom. I think I did not even activate a module yet.

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