Why Micro Jump Field Generator give you aggro?

Why Micro Jump Field Generator gives you aggression?
Who was the but*hurt CSM member, that requested this change ?
Why he forgot to request interdiction bubbles to give you aggro also… Oh wait we have been there before.

Why this balance team can’t decide where AoE effects gives you aggro or not ?

CCP must FIX.
Micro Jump Field Generator is great. Aggro is stupid, but acceptable if, that was case for all AoE stuff.

Why Micro Jump Field Generator can not be used on Citadel?

Because you are relocating anyone within the field against their will.

Interdiction bubbles are banned outside of Null and WH space and since everything is legal in those areas it doesn’t make sense that it would give any sort of timer.

Because they are anchored?

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t you still get Suspect and Criminal flags for doing illegal stuff out in Null? You’ll still get a timer for looting someone else’s container. And you’ll still get a timer if you shoot someone without provocation. Those timers don’t cease to apply just b/c you’re in Null.

I could see them giving you a Weapons Timer for activating them. But I don’t see them counting as Aggression. Bumping is “relocating someone against their will” and that’s 100% legal.

Pains me see someone marked as moderator to know so little about the game.

The interdiction bubble, also prevents anyone located in it to warp out.
Does not give aggro. You can open a bubble and jump the gate, there is no 60sec aggression.

Who cares about HS ? I have not even tried to jump anyone in HS. If that is even possible, 60s aggro wont stop me from using it.

Citadels are like stations right ? Or like PoS right ? Or both…

  • bigger docking range
  • multiple undocking points
  • weapons
    on top of that you are invulnerable like inside of POS force field …
    My question was we are now able to jump someone siting outside.
    I think it is oversight or CMS design mechanic :smiley:

I don’t know about looting someone else’s cans but for shooting someone without provocation the only timers you get are the usual weapons timer to prohibit docking/gating and the bog-standard capsuleer logoff timer that prevents you from “safelogging” immediately during or after a fight.

A criminal timer is one that only pops up if you commit criminal acts, and is separate from the capsuleer logoff timer, which is in turn separate from the NPC logoff timer.

I’m not sure about suspect timers but I think that they might not apply either because I’ve seen plenty of cans that weren’t mine but weren’t yellow when I’ve roamed null.

Weapons Timer=Aggression Timer. The suspect/criminal timers have to do with Crimewatch mechanics- which don’t really apply in null/WH, and the logoff timers are part of a different mechanism as well.

Several issues with your complaints:

  1. You cannot use a MJFG on someone who is tethered at a citadel. Your original phrasing of your question was so unclear that I’m not sure if you want to use a MJFG to jump an entire citadel 100 km or if you want to use the MJFG to jump tethered ships on a citadel away from tether.
    The answer to the first would be "holy crao can you imagine if your enemies could just move your citadels that you anchored around willy nilly? What a cluster of terribad that would be.
    The answer to the second is that tethering covers invulnerability to all offensive modules. This is important, for instance if a defense fleet chooses not to engage, or a ship is left on tether to be used later. It is part of the game design that the defenders have an advantage in supply and positioning over citadel attackers.

  2. Launching an interdiction probe does not give aggression, you are correct. However, it does prevent the interdictor from tethering, and if the interdictor docks, its bubble goes down immediately.

Honestly, having the MJFG give you aggro is pretty much a nothing problem. If you’re booshing people off a gate or station (or other location), why are you trying to dock up or jump immediately after anyway?

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Something something tether something PDS

You don’t.

The only downside is now you can’t use a boosher to jump a bubbled ■■■■■■ gate and escape… But it still works on WH so…

The astonishing degree of ignorance in the matter of game mechanics can partially explain the downhill were EVE is today.
Confusing the suspect timer with aggression timer and dismissing the importance of such game mechanic denote a total lack of knowledge about the stuff going on in the game atm… :roll_eyes:

For this topic as a CD pilot i’d say…
Maybe if you successfully jumped someone and got a aggression timer, it would be better than what it is now.

Booshing was our main way of starting fights when standoffs happen with tanky ships on undocks/gates. Now we have to feed our links for a possible fight.

It really hurts to have another way of creating content nerfed.
Starting a fight is so hard without any supporting game mechanics.

I wish we could still entosis repair services, play station games and boosh stuff off, steal isk form ESS Units or even just put a Machariel on a citadel to bump without getting ■■■■ on by the structure. Or camp the new player build gates.
There is little roamers can do to even be a mild inconvinience to a secured null pocket.

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