How and why change micro jump field generators

Hello everyone,

after Init has forced Hard Knocks out of Rage, the usage of the Armor Ravens in combination with Jump Destroyers has risen alot, to the point where it is now, a common used strategy in the current PvP Meta.nFrom my point of view it is a nice shake-up because normally you wouldn’t refer to the Raven as a good PvP ship.

But why do you call for a change than?

A good PvP system should always be as rock-paper-scissors as possible.
Thus there should always be a counterplay to a certain fleet setup.

Here is where boosh Ravens break the game!? <discuss

There is no real counterplay to using 10+ command destroyers to jump your fleet around the battlefield.
Killing them might sound obvious but from my experience you can’t really kill enough of them in time, before reshiping overtakes the killing.

So what is my proposal now?

I’ve come up with a couple of ideas in order to nerf the mechanic.
I’d like to hear your thoughts on either if you also think that the mechanic is broken or not (and why!) and whether you rate my ideas good or bad.

All in all I’d like to have an open discussion around the boosh mechanic itself and the fleet concept.
Also feel free to write more than one line if you don’t like my ideas.

  1. increased cooldown with increased ships jumped
    Should explain itself, the more ships a JD jumps, the longer the cooldown gets. The amount should be directly tied to the mass of the ships, not to the amount itself because jumping a few frigs shouldn’t be that bad, compared to 100+ battleships.
  2. "recently jumped" flag
    Similar to how jump fatigue works, there could be a penalty on how often a ship can be jumped (not jump itself!) in order to prevent successiv jumping. Important! This should not prevent a ship from using its own micro jump drive.
  3. cap the amount of jumped ships
    A small destroyer should not be able to generate the energy required to jump a hole fleet of battleships.
    This could also open up a possible new tech2 ship arc for e.g. battlecruisers similar to command destroyers, even though there is already a command battlecruiser.
    Similar to #1 there could also be a mass cap for a command destroyer.
  4. move micro jump field generator to other ship group
    Command destroyers are very strong in their own role. The module could e.g. be moved to marauders to give them another role in pvp.
  5. more ideas? let me know.
  6. don’t change it!!1

Like I said, this should be an open discussion. Feel free to convince me that command destroyers are fine and should be able to jump a few hundred battleships around the battlefield.
I would also like to hear your ideas on how to counter the mechanic in an efficient way. :slight_smile:

Thank you all in advance for participating and fly save. o7

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Change it by putting them onto Marauders.
A ship too small to even fit a regular MJD should not be capable of fitting a module which jumps an entire fleet of battleships as you’ve said. It should be on a big ship, like… ohhhhh Marauders! Who already have bonuses around MJD’s.

Command Destroyers still provide a lower cost option for bonused links for small ship fleets, and have decent firepower and resists, making them still a perfectly good ship even without it.

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Thank you for the reply.
Your idea would also put Marauders into a good position pvp-wise which is good because outside of “hero-solo-marauders” there is really no use for them in fleet pvp (maybe cost could be a factor here).

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