Broken Gameplay

The gameplay mechanic around using a Command Destroyer to boosh bombs onto enemy fleets is terrible. The defender missiles have insufficient time to take out any bombs, and the ability to boosh bombs should be removed !!!
There is no counter to this tactic.

That’s amazing.


show us on the doll where the perfectly valid game mechanic touched you.


Good emergent gameplay and very niche.

Should be encouraged, not removed.


I did not know this works. But I must say It is absolutely amazing it does and the people at CCP who implemented this feature as well as the pilots who came up with the tactics are my personal heroes now.


Well that went tits up didn’t it OP? :smiley:

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I was first made aware of the tactic when Zarvox demonstrated it by running a “rat tenpin” at one of the conventions earlier this year. Haven’t had chance to try it out, notwithstanding the fact that I can’t fly a CD yet…

That is just the tip of a very fun iceberg with the CD’s, there are all sorts of interesting things that these can do. Just wait till somebody… eh, won’t spoil it for you :slight_smile:

Innovation is what sets us apart from the animals.

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Is it still 2012??

Sure there is. Shoot the command destroyers - they’ll have the sig size of a small moon so they’ll be easy enough to hit. Control range to keep them from having optimal boosh routes. Warp off when you see them spool up. Use regular bomb damage mitigation techniques (MWDs off, heat hardeners).

Don’t forget to spam broadcast for reps, logi love it when people broadcast for bomb damage.

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Can you Boosh warp disruption probes?also can you Boosh rats?

bubbles yes (not anchorable ones) rats no

i must say the timing and positioning to actually coordinate booshing bombs and gtfo before they explode your cmmd dessie is quite tight not to mention you have to be 6k away from the bombers if you dont want to drag them with the bombs.

I dont think many people are using or even capable of using this tactic.

best fix is to just delete nullsec. problem solved.

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tbh the way sov-sec is going…

Thatnks for the necro. Ive never thought of this tactic. That is amazing.

dunno why op simply doesnt have cd in fleet tbh.

This stupid cba to actually think sort of shennigans is why we get crappy ‘balance passes’

Counter Attack Master, no doubt!

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