Is there a game mechanic that pulls ships 100km?

I agressed another ship and destroyed it successfully. So I promptly docked at a nearby station to wait the timer out.

Getting impatient, I decided to undock before timer ended and was greeted by the victim with a much bigger ship just outside the station. I was quickly destroyed.

Anyway, after this second battle, I decided to have a look at my wreck. For some reason, the wreck was 100km from the station. So now I am not sure if my ship was pulled 100km away from the station before I was killed? Or was the wreck moved? All I know is that the wreck is 100km away from that station I undocked from. Why?

Tractors, MTU.

Maybe the ship was “booshed” (command destroyers) away from the station just for the purpose of preventing you from redocking?

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This made me think that perhaps you could use 2 command destroyers together to jump to the target and then boosh back. Sort of a frogs tongue trick. I don’t know if that is a thing.

What is boosed?

Someone came up with the term “boosh” to describe the ability of a command destroyer’s ability to jump 100 km away, taking up to 25 other ships with them. The module for the ship is the Micro Jump Field Generator:

This module spools up and then teleports up to 25 nearby ships along with all drones, fighters, probes and bombs 100km in the direction the ship is facing. All ships teleported will retain their movement direction and velocity in the new location.

Note: The micro jump field only affects capsuleer-piloted ships and will not move certain ship types, including: Capital Ships, Freighters and the Orca.

LowKey Chandler has the right answer: you got booshed.

Looking at zkillboard, it seems you got booshed by the Bifrost (Command Destroyer) that used his Micro Jump Field Generator to pull you 100km away from the station where he and his friend in a Vexor Navy Issue could kill you before you could dock back up.

Only Command Destroyers can do this trick, so pay attention to this when you see a Magus, Bifrost, Pontifex, Stork or Draugur on grid. They can also use the same module to quickly close a gap to jump themselves and their fleet members on top of you if they’re 100km away.

Thanks!! Yes, those were the two ships!

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