A nerf to Micro Jumping

Micro jump field generators and micro jump fields allow players to escape the jaws of death rather easily. I suggest a distance buff to the module combined with a distance penalty scaled relative to how many hostiles have active warp disruption modules on it.

Change the distance jumped from 100 km to 120 km.

Introduce a new equation that calculates how many warp disruption points are applied to the ship and reduce the distance jumped accordingly.

Of course, a scram will shut it off completely.

This allows players using the module to escape, but will also reward tacklers who are able to achieve a warp disruption activation. The minimum distance jumped could be as low as 50km, out of warp disruption range for many ships. But I also think a range of 75 would be fair, since an interceptor on the same side of the MJD’ing ship could reach a ship jumping only 50km.

This gives MJD users the same effect, but also rewards tacklers fast enough to catch them despite not having a warp scrambler.

Example: A Megathron pilot activates his MJD. At the time the module cycles, he has 4 interceptors with warp disruptors activated on him. Instead of MJD’ing XXXkm, he instead MJD’s (XXX-4*d) km where d is a standard or scaled distance such as 5km. Perhaps instead of MJD’ing 100km he MJD’s 80km.

Possible Issues:

  • Command destroyers may have issues AOE micro jumping since they have to account for booshing to 120km distance. Right now you can simply warp your CDs at 100km and activate. For this reason, perhaps it is best to apply this change only to individual ship modules. For this reason, I would also support leaving the range at 100km and only implementing the distance penalty feature.

Other considerations:

  • This could allow complex fleet maneuvers. Imagine if the warp disruption spheres of hictors and dictors also contributed to the penalty. If your fleet is chasing a hostile fleet that is only 50km away, you don’t want to move 100km past them, you want to land on them. So you do the math, drop 10 bubbles (100-10*5) = 50km, then activate MJD’s or a command destroyer MJFG and land right on top of them.
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The decision NOT to have to have a scram fit was yours, so if they get away that is your problem.

Im having a hard time seeing the need for this, when all you need is a scram, to shut down micro jump drives 100%.
You can even get your boddies to scram you and that will prevent you from being jumped away by a command dessy :wink:

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Scramming is effective at preventing you from moving at all due to a MJD/MJFG. However it isn’t the same as an advanced fleet maneuver that allows you to control the range you jump to.

Since the enemy dictates this idea of yours, its completely out of the jumpers hands.
If you wanna stop him, just scram him, if you wanna jump with him, do nothing.
Your idea leaves no choice on the attacker, and all the choice on the defender.

First, of all, it doesn’t leave no choice on the attacker. The attacker gets to choose what he fits and who he tackles. The defender gets to choose how he MJ’s.

Second, even if you were right, it isn’t an argument against the game mechanic.

So what you are saying is:

We cannot pvp, make nerf. How about no?

Fit a scram like a normal person. Problem solved.

What you are asking for is to have disruptors effective at holding down battleships without you needing to accept the risk of getting in their scram range. The answer should be no, learn to pvp.

I posted this not because I’m passionate about the change, but because I wanted to know what others think. If you’re going to throw around stupid comments like “learn how to pvp” then don’t bother posting.

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