Introduce T2 MJD & MJFG for tactical flexibility

To create more tactical possibilities it would be interesting if T2 Micro Jump Drives & T2 jump field generators were introduced. The distance “jumped” would depend on the size of a cap charge loaded. If you load it with a cap 400 it jumps you 400km, load a cap 75 you jump 75 km

  • I think this would add an interesting extra dimension in combat situations.

You’re going to have to give an example of how this would be useful outside of gotcha moments for landing on others.
I’d be more inclined to see the functionality extended to command ships proper with a bigger radius before we get distance adjustment options.

Timing and manual flying with a cap 25 would allow you to jump 25km to a kiting ship and engage it, before it would only be able to jump you 100km to escape. (Whats wrong with a gotcha moment if it requires some skill?)

Combat battle cruisers could quickly take advantage of their max range capabilities.

Edit: Remember the MJD was introduced 2012 when the grid was only 250km - Now its 8000km and the MJD was not scaled to this - A 3200km jump on an 8k grid is about the same proportion as an 100km jump on a 250km grid

Grid size has increased, but general ship-to-ship combat ranges and ship speeds haven’t. :wink:

I think having variable jump range for T2 variants would be an interesting idea, but only if the current ranges were kept as minimum ranges. Having shorter ranges, especially as short as 25km, would horribly mess up ship and combat balance.

Currently the only thing keeping these mods balanced is the finite nature of 100km.

choosing based on cap charges would be fun and interesting but my god would this be broken.

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Shorter ranges would definitely be broken. Having access to longer ranges may be interesting, but there would need to be some sort of trade-off.

Maybe instead of using some sort of script/charge, T2 variants of MJDs could be available in a variety of fixed distances? So, T1 MJDs are all 100km variants, but T2 could come in 100km, 150km, 200km, etc. variants. And maybe have the longer range variants have higher fitting costs, higher cap usage, and/or longer spool-up times. That would allow for some increased flexibility without being too overpowered, but still force you to choose in advance. The obvious downside to doing it this way is module bloat.

not sure if it is worth having all the extra modules. unless ccp could add a mechanic that made it so you needed to chose in station (could even extend this to other areas and new mods) problem is I don’t think it would be worth it as not a lot of people are going to chose 150km+ as soon as these mods were added you better believe rather than a lot of gangs having someone fit with combat probes just about every gang will. Making anything bigger than the 100km near useless.

the 100km we have now is the sweet spot

Scripted - MJD goes 50km
Unscripted - MJG goes 100km

You don’t need any more range than 100km. You certainly don’t need 3,200km.

The problem would be you could be attacking a long rang ship and get completely out of range with 400k. 400 is way to much.

I totally agree that 100km is a sweet spot for most applications. Far enough to escape tackle, not so far away that someone near where you were can just warp to you.

The flip side is that I can also see some niche applications where having longer ranges could also be useful. Battlefield positioning to a spot where there isn’t anything scanable for example.

But…module bloat is real. I do like your idea of introducing a new game mechanic where you can set a module’s properties while in a fitting window though; this would allow some flexibility without module bloat or granting free reign to adjust while in combat.

There is no such location… this is on grid scanning you are always scannable with just one pass

I don’t mean putting yourself into a spot where you aren’t scannable, I mean putting yourself into a spot where there wasn’t anything scannable before.

Say your Ferox fleet is 50km below a bubbled enemy fleet and you want to be 150km above them, a spot currently totally empty of any scannable objects. Right now, you’d have to wait for someone in fleet to slowboat there, warp off-grid (because there’s a bubble between you and your destination), then warp back. With a 200km MJD capability, your Ferox fleet could just align up, activate, and bam, they’re 150km above the target without the bubble getting in the way.

Niche, as I said, but there’s definite utility there.

lol now you are just taking away one of the last niches a combat cepter has over the fleet cepter

Possibly, and all the more reason to take a look at combat 'ceptors to give them some unique role.

After all, they are Interceptors, not just mobile warp-to beacons. :wink:

Combat intercepts are not really in a bad place its anchorable bubbles in null and the fact that fleet cepters are immune that is the problem. but on their own the ship is fine. That’s why balancing them has been an issue. CCP wont clean up all the bubble spam so that nullification isn’t a requirement to anything over a small gang or short range (travel not weapon) in null

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