WTB MJD for carriers

Plspls CCP - MJD for Carriers (not supers)


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So you cant bubble them anymore? Sounds super broken.
They could also warp at 100, drop fighters and MJD away. Now the fighters will attack you with 1 MWD cycel and they are sitting safe at 200km away.
For ratting its already super hard to catch a ratting carrier, because he can permaaligne. No need to make him immune to points too.


That was my thinking, give them a bit of range from their fighters, atm the warp to 100km limits the capability of a super long ranged ship, which is what a carrier is, you could put a long cooldown on the module but i think it would give it a bit more functionality in pvp.

So what you mean is your too scared to commit to a fight so you want more ways to kite and run away, but in a carrier…


You have a ■■■■■■■ jump drive ffs. Its built in and takes 0 slots.


Well yes and no, you can always tackle a ship with a mjd, it’s the same concept as a battleship really, you can make a domi, deploy the drones, engage and then mjd out… it’s the same thing only scaled up.

That’s not the same thing in the slightest as a mjd, a jump drive drops you in a location from another system and that’s it… it’s there until it caps up to jump out again, which isn’t always an easy task!

An MJD it’s a battlefield tool that can be used on the fly for tactical advantage.

Theres a reason that they did not give capital ships a MJD, its because your not meant to be fast and to move around grid quickly.


So give it a 10 minute cooldown?

Its not about the cooldown. You pretty much make carriers immune to bubbels, thats super broken.

nope, you just scram them?

We wont get time to because youll MJD away

You really dont get the point of scale, do you?
The enemy brings 100 carriers in a fleet. If you need to scram them, they can nuke every subcap with there fighters, MJD and warp off. You can commit 100 carriers and wont loose more then a few. Thats super super broken.
Right now you just need to feed some Sabres to bubble them, so they cant warp away.

You also didnt explain a single time, why carriers would need a buff. The state of the game right now is, that Carriers are too strong, thats why they already nerfed them a few times in the last few years. What changed, that they should now become pretty much invincible?

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No, ■■■■ off.

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Quoting this for emphasis.

Carriers, and all capital ships, get the ultimate in battlefield mobility with their ability to jump to a grid anywhere a friendly ship can light a cyno. They don’t need MICRO jump drives because they have ACTUAL jump drives.

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