Overheating the jump drive

Hey all. Recently got back into eve. Im more of a solo player.

Back in the day i lived out of my carrier and used it more of a mobile base and ship transport than anything else. The jump range nerf back in the day hurt my style big time.

I wish there was a way i could overheat my jumpdive so i could get old jump range.

The drawback would be a massive penalty to jump fatigue. Something like a 4x multiplier on jf.

Potentially too if you overheat you have to route power from offensive modules and drone/fighter bay so there is a 15 min timer before you can use offensive module’s.

This would let u make key long range jumps at the cost of increased jf and lack of usage of offensive module’s so u cant use it to hotdrop at range.

What say u all?

Stupid idea? Or is there merit

Yeah, it’s a stupid idea.

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care to elaborate on why its stupid?

I was thinking it would be restricted to Dreads and Carriers only… so no supers/titans/logi/JF

Because anything that makes caps more solo friendly is a bad thing.

why? I am a solo player why is my play style to you a bad thing?

This simply allows people like me to live out of their carrier and live a nomadic life…

IT will not allow you to hotdrop so i am unsure why its bad

This just means you don’t have enough understanding of the game overall, nor have you taken the time to anticipate how it would effect the rest of the game, especially in nullsec regions where a lot of capital warfare is based around Jump Drives.

If you can’t see why this is bad, you don’t have the experience and are looking at it from an incredibly narrow and selfish view point. Rather than try to tell you why is bad, this is something you’d have to experience yourself. I could tell you what it’s like to be part of a nullsec capital fight that revolves around the use of Jump Drives, but you wouldn’t believe me without your personal first hand experience.

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I was in a few capital fights back in the day… so i get the whole force projection problem… though you have me intrigued.

I am curious in how you think this would affect large battles… unless you are suggesting that just the mere ability to move that far would result in dumpster fire cap battles when its the final timer.

I think if the overload was restricted to just carriers and dreads I dont really see the abuse potential as you would still have to move the heavy lifters i.e titans/super the long way.


you are taking in a small capital fight and its starts to escalate… PL then hot drops on you with the overloaded carriers… but they would all be sitting ducks as their only defence would be internal reps as external reps on them would work for the 1st 15 min… that would mean the fleet would be taken out…

Ah, I wish I were this inexperienced at the game again. I miss the times when I didn’t know things but would talk as if I did…

It’s cute to think about it and armchair fleet command on the forums, but that’s now how it actually works in the game. Sorry bud, you just need more actual experience.

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dude the way you write deserves to go on IAMVERYSMART subreddit…

@Scoots_Choco pretty much covered it. TYVM

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