Jump fatigue timer problem solution: Capital Park Module

There has been complaints about capital ship jump fatigue timers. They exist for reason to prevent force projection. In CSM minutes there was interesting sentence:
“Larrikin mentions that the main issue appears that players will do a couple jumps then not be able to do anything in EVE for the rest of the day.”

I propose new module for this problem:
Capital Park Module

  • When you first activate this module it cloaks your ship. You can only cloak it 2000km from the nearest Upwell structure or stargate or station.
  • After you have been cloaked 10 minutes you can choose to do clone jump from your ship. Clone jump logs off your ship and you activate different jump clone.
  • Maximum amount of time ship can be parked is 1-4 weeks after it appears and decloaks in space.
  • You can jump back to your ship whenever you need if your jump clone timer is not active.

Capital park module would allow you to use other jump clones while waiting for jump fatigue timer to expire.

Comments are welcome for my idea.

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Better alternatives would be fundamental changes to how the jump fatigue mechanics work in the first place.


I thought they were looking at increasing cap range again because jump fatigue gutted super dropping on a frigate pretty good?

if we still parked capitals in POSes that would’ve been useful to those who want to start flying caps but didn’t want to dedicate an alt to log off with them.

Although i can still say as long as normal jump clone cooldowns apply it could prove useful.

good idea

Personally, I’d like to see them fix fatigue. I totally agree with them that force projection was a major problem. And I completely agree that move ops basically mean you’re done for the day unless you have a layover at a dockable structure with clone facilities.

The underlying idea of using your jumpclone timer as a solution is interesting. I like it.

What do you think about all capital ships having a clone bay, which you cannot “install” into (you only deposit by jumping to a different clone). The implementation would be simple, a simple dialog to let you choose between your cap clone and cloning facilities if they’re present.

Would make for an interesting option solving the issue of implants as well. Take a supercap pilot. I promise they have HG slaves or some other HG set to help them tank their ship. Maybe they also have a scanning set, a snake set, etc. The 1:1 limitation on clones in facilities means they must have a separate citadel with clone facilities for each set of implants they want to keep. Now, they leave their slaves inside their super.


Then let all capital ships fit a clone bay vat and make it smaller, so you can unfit it when you do things other than jumping.

Better alternative would be making sov more volatile so that fights happen at home and leave fatigue as it is. Any attempt to roll back fatigue is only an admission that sov was f*cked up with all 3 completely different iterations and that there is no motivation to ever actually fix it.

Its not just capital ships that cause problems due to fatigue mechanics. Jump bridges are part of the issue as well.

If we’re always fighting at home, who is fighting us?

The only people who invade sov are people who want to take sov. Keeping people at home rather than encouraging them to go into your home (or my home) causes stagnation, not content.

Jump bridges are a convenience for subcaps (and of course for surprise buttsex). In no way should you expect a capital ship to take even 5 consecutive gates.

Fatigue is fine for bridges because bridges aren’t needed. A capital ship needs to jump to travel anywhere.

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