Can you remove or drastically reduce that shity fatigue timer pls?

ccp is not our problem!, we told you injectors will affect the game. please remove that shity fatigue TIMER or reduced so we can pvp in capitals more often. Im tired or claw/jackdaw fleets.

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I don’t see how injectors affect your pvping in capitals also if you wanna move a cap around and are getting triggered by fatigue use the gates :smile:


But think of the balance! eyes the multiboxing alphas

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This is a rant post and will likely be locked down.

lets se you are new to game or payed guy for the forum wherever.

dark_engraver 7 days life no kill . Im a 10 years player.

You are a fool if you think a specific character’s age is any reliable indication of the experience of the player behind them.


Not only that, but the OP’s attitude prompts others to check his own history. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


If I wouldn’t have plenty of years in this game I’d prob be in-game asking for help to fit a Merlin or whatnot :joy:
Fatigue is here to stay because of how easily some groups heavy on supercaps could move across the map If you don’t like it extract your capital skills and repurpose them or better yet donate them to some new player .

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You dont understand, you think you can create a 7 day fake account post opinion about game mechanic about a game maybe you dont play, and speak ike a pro.? Maybe you are a dev or moderator, but you are definitly answering about you dont undestand.

Im rude because need time to learn how to use that pixels wich are a masterpiece, eve is simple the best game ever created imo.

Is time to change some mechanics like fatigue timers becouse fall end game experience.

Do you now can take hours to move gate to gate a fleet? Reason why we use machariel fleet, as example. Even if you se jump bridges, or hot drop, takes hours to reach pvp destination? Reason why more and more interceptor are used? Do you know people just dont go big stuff becouse has to deal with gate to gate and the timers? and inertia, warp speed and physics of pixels you creates?

Ok lets hear new CSM ike suitonia but are they playing in null? are they using a dreadnought? Are they having time to mastering that pixels? or just they wanna still going iceland 1 time year and tell you its all ok :smiley:

Why we need a timer jump fatige please explain me if im tottaly wrong as you joke me? Nothing about move capitals and injector, becose 10 minute alive toon can fly a thanathos now.

Do you now about citadel vulnerability ? and how long take to kill one? and how random this can be? How many HP has?

Yes before was worse 1 moth jump fatigue, so remove it! is annoying mechanic, got it? thanks!

Maybe should be usefull if you use that fake profile to post constructive stuff or ban me, becouse all criticism people like me do if because we love the game, and we want ccp continues 10 years more.

Is being sayed by ours leaders in null that you are not hearing us anymore and posting here is a wasting of time.

Show the opposite.

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Silence, slave


Fly them through gates, like everyone else.


Fatigue timers are important to keep, capital fleets are harder to move around, but there is a reason for that.

Having no timers would make titan dropping more viable than catching people with interceptors, imagin getting away from a camp just to see it jump in front of you at every gate.
Or the ability go anywhere in nul in under 20 minutes with zero risk of getting in bad fights.

They nerfed citidel bowling for this reason, but this would be so much worst.



Actually you are totally right, but all people can have a capital in 5 minutes right now xD. Makes no sense to have it :smiley:

The fatigue timer exists to prevent extremely large fleets from moving from region to region with ease and no consequence,

Logistics becomes harder and you have to wait before jumping back out of an engagement. You can’t just jump in and then leave twenty seconds later.

Even someone as childish as you Kain is aware of that.

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Yes. It can take quite some time to move a large fleet around… and why shouldn’t it? Eve isn’t some pop in pop out fps. If you want to deploy a massive fleet to the other side of the map it’s gonna take a while.


Leave the Cap at home.

Bring your Drake.

Problem solved. :sunglasses:

–Helpful Gadget

Try not jumping so much, if its fatiguing you.


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