Revamp of Jump Fatigue Timer / Mechanic


i’d like to bring in some thoughts:

The jump fatigue timer is locked on character. I’d like to suggest it gets locked on the vessels you use. I know its their for a reason, that you can’t move around the whole galaxy in short times.
I have the feeling nevertheless that it would be more exciting for especially subcapital pilots to get around quicker then the capitals.
Basically different timers on which vessels you use, as frigates fly in space quicker, they should get lower timer then a titan.
Maybe its usefull also to adjust it for industrial if they got shorter timers.

Can’t tell you how to make that work, sounds complicated - but thinking it be nice :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening and keep up the good work!

Not far from how it is now. Think of it as being timed by the jump drive you use, be it jumping yourself or taking a bridge.

Frigates don’t need to get around faster, battleships do need to get around faster. Anyone saying otherwise deserves to get washboarded by dics for 3 hours. Shudder.

Saying that a frigate should have a lower fatigue cost than a battleship merely accentuates the existing problem that battleships are nearly useless in null without titans to bridge them around.

No. If anything jump fatigue should be made longer, not nerfed.

So we use a few titans and shuttles to bridge us between stashed of capital ships. No need to worry about timers because it’s just throw away shuttles. Heck let the titan doomsday them.

Your suggestion enables an easy work around of jump timer mechanics. A large, well funded group could easily stage Dreads or Carriers in stations around New Eden and travel rapidly, ditching shuttles along the way. This is why timers are tied to a carrier, not a ship.

And if implemented yiubshpuld also have to require thatnships cannot be repackaged until timers expire. This would probably be a pain to code.

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