Idea to replace Jump Fatigue Fixing the Force in Force Projection

I had a spontaneous idea to fix Space Aids but might need community feedback to put it forward.

Keep the current timers but remove context for this:

  • Remove reactivation timer and replace it with a baseline 5 minute reactivation timer.
  • First jump is a spool up to create a timer. (This doesn’t nerf dread bombs)
  • Each jump during a timer reduce capital turret, capital missile damage by 3-5%, reduce fighter damage by 3-5% Stacks up to a maximum of 30-50% damage.

I would like to say that these numbers are all just suggested and subject to change, this will impact on carrier ratting however then you’re trading your PvE time to do PvP. The Issues we saw before was everyone and their grandmother turning up to fights all the way across eve, this might help with essentially handicapping whoever comes to the fight from a far away.

You forgot to explain why you think anything needs to be fixed in the first place.

Because current Jump Fatigue mechanics are aids to the point it’s even been nicknamed “Space Aids”

Reckon that’s just an edgy teenager thing. I’ve heard a bunch of stuff called that depending what gets nerfed or buffed.

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