Skills to reduce jump fatigue

(Nelly Islay) #1

Are jump fatigue mechanics something that most are happy with?
I would welcome a three tier skill plan to be able to reduce the effects from jumping. Be it 30% (2% per skill level) or 75% (5% per skill level) reduction in jump fatigue.

With cap fleets being more and more used, wouldnt it be something to consider?

(Fuyune Shirio) #2

Corps and Alliances that don’t nearly have the same cap fleet size as the big blocks do, it would be a nightmare.
Jump Fatigue got added for a reason, I hate it to the guts but still, it is the only way for small Alliances to be able to do anything.

You’d get dropped by tons of supers in no time making your day the worst day of your eve life.
The problem here is balance. Imagine PL or Goons would go after your little fleet roaming around 2-3 jumps out. Instead of having a claw fleet coming your way and kill you, you’d have about 30-40 supers + titans sitting ontop of you in no time.

I’m a Cap pilot myself and yes i miss the days where you could jump from one end of the Eve universe to the other only limited by fuel but let’s be honest here for a moment. It would ruin the game for every crop that can’t keep up with those immense cap fleet sizes.

Before mentioned Alliances are able to form 500+ cap fleets in < 10 mintues. Imagine what that would mean.

For non battle caps you have already a 75% jump fatigue reduction as role bonus and I think for now it is still a fair choice.
I would rather like to see the meta shift to Battleships, HACs etc again rather than more and more caps.

(ArmyOfMe) #3

so much this. spot on.

(JuuR Zibaoo) #4

i guess some have a char for travel just able to jump the ship from A to B - this char has the jump fatigue
and a main char for the battle …

i could watch this a few times so its commen i guess