Csm - Mobility & Jump Fatigue

Reading the minutes of the meeting I feel the CSM completely hit the right points but also failed to convince Fozzie the solution is not to penalize players for seeking out content. In my eyes, the game was a lot of fun when I could jump on a JB route and get to the action quickly. I also liked being able to move my caps in hours rather than days.

I’d like to suggest the beacon is the mechanic that should be investigated. I believe the beacon is the source of the issue. I don’t have a solution but I can point out it’s flaws. Rookie ships being used as cyno beacons, the relative ease of training alts to perform this task and therefore it’s ability to project force is considerably unbalanced. I mean a rookie ship could/can be the vehicle to project 1000’s. This is why I believe the focus of a solution to force projection should be the beacon and not punishing players for seeking out content.

Related to JB’s once a pos has been established and JB’s are fueled the act of jumping is relatively passive. Same chain of thought here, the act of jumping to a beacon when on a JB should be the focus and again, not to punish people for using the JB.

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I agree on this chain of thought.

bigger capitals should use more ozone for intial beacon, more then smaller capitals should use.

I agree with some of the concept but am not 100% for removing jump fatigue either.

Look, I’ve seen pilots, pre-jump fatigue, use the same capital to get on kills on opposite sides of new Eden in under 2 hours. That’s just not right. Such force projection kills game play. Pre-jump fatigue, groups feared using capitals because PL, Goons, or other large groups would hot drop them anywhere. That isn’t good. It’s too powerful and stops smaller groups from enjoying their capital fun.

That said, I like your idea. I would support a reduction in jump fatigue timers coupled with cyno’s operating with some sort of either mass or fuel limitations.

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