New leaked info about Jump Fatigue reducing Stimpacks!


Here is the article about these new items which you can buy off of the in game shop:

Basically it works like energy drinks for truckers allowing you to go farther and longer in a shorter time for your supers! Though with this they will need to balance the Jump Fatigue timer by increasing the delay between jumps for supers and capital ships.

Though they may even just scrap this idea right out of the gate, I hope so. We don’t need another money maker making the game easier for the big Null Sec Alliances and Coalitions.

What are y’all’s thoughts on this new update?

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Or it’s a total fabrication based on nothing more than imagination.


No duh! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s an Onion post after all by one of my Corp mates @Dyvinex_Ssasen in Sergaljerk which is part of Test Alliance Best Alliance!

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Ah, well it makes sense then why it seemed to come out of left field.
I have unfortunately met people who are unable to determine satire articles.

Well if you are aware of The Onion and notice that the link is to an Onion like site, then you would know it is Satire. x3


Will be real in few motnhs, just wait when Hilmar will know about this.

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Closed. This is not Reddit with Sphere.exe