SOOOOOO the new FW seems to be NOICE

i was tired of station games in JITA
listening to a podcast for 30 minutes and NO FUN, no people shooting except the idiot that start to undock on a kronos and spoil the game …
so i clone jumped to AMARR r and tried there
a BIIIIIIIG fleet jumped on top of me and tried to murder me
I’m quick and docked in time

them we had a fun conversation for some time and i said to them that I was procrastinating to go FW because i don’t know the new rules

long story short , o ■■■■ lets go to low sec, jumped to my home base with the suspect timer still counting , no incidents on the way

there , i asked some info about ne new complexes on the militia chat, some guys promptly put me aware of most changes and i gave it a 30 minutes go

its full of people ,i mean amarr fw was always active but its MORE now, the new respawning “static” complexes sounds like a GREAT idea to me

as the biggest authority in FW on this forum (I’m great :heart: ) i must say , IT LOOKS GOOD

maybe CCP can do something right for a change

needs more investigation but as a first impression

score : 10/10 dead mimies :smiley:



I think Amarr is scared to go to your Lowsec space.
I know where there are a bunch of Gallente lowsec gate campers who are shooting at anything with greater than 2 second subwarp.

I caught them sleeping early today and supplied a tip that smart bombs were needed to stop me.

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fortunately i was not catched on the way
they say the new navy destroyers are the new meta
i don’t have any … need to re learn a lot
but i scored a nice kill using the good old meme fit coercer

it looks like a blast , I’m pumped

New Navy Destroyers?

Are those OP?

i don’t know
people say the are veeeery stronk
they also say the mimie one (thrasher fleet issue) is the best and OP
the other 3 appear balanced

just repeating the info i got

Are the new rules for signing up for FW different? Like can a pilot destroy their highsec secruity status by doing FW?

I thought that the only way to destroy your Highsec Secruity status was to gank in highsec.

don’t know
a long time ago CCP changed the rules to FW and people almost don’t destroy rep anymore
but I’m oblivious of the current changes

sec status is drained slooooowly because of some idiot pirate but is not that big of a deal, only if you atack them out of the complexes … it happens but is not that common because a good pirate is always blinking yellow anyway

QUIT mining and do some pew pew with us frostpacker

Is it still about flying around a space maypole?

yeah but now they put a propper tower there so the maypole never looked better :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure, have fun fighting nullbear navy dread farmers and their 7 toon double buffer alt fleets in plexes …

i was super afraid of that
the focus on fleet and null ification of low
because I’m a solo pilot and stuff
but they made fleet complexes and solo complexes
and the “static” complex thing appears to be a super nice idea and reduces that problem a lot
to me is the BEST new thing

ofc i need to investigate more


there is definitely a wider variety of plexes to choose from, the lowest form being the Scout T1 NVY plexes. But those can still get camped by nullbear altfleet if he feels all the other plexes are too hot.

Tbh, solo players and T2 hulls are quite fcked by this update, and will have to accept living with double the losses.

i kinda agree with you
but i was SUPER DOOMER thinking all would become null sec BS with fleet and f1 monkeys etc
the fact of static complexes that re spawn insta makes fleet camping all the complexes impossible

sure i was aware that the SOLO player would be ■■■■■■ a bit
but is less than i imagined
and i think in the long run it would be fine

the null sec people are terrible pilots anyway


They’re “muh durr melikes isk” idiots.

We’ll see, I specifically want to see how the supply cache, supply depots, rendezvous and propaganda game will pan out over time to work system advantage, as it could bring a lot of wiggle room to have many various battlefields in one system.

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i admit I’m unaware of most things
have no idea what are those “supply cache, supply depots, rendezvous”
like i said in other topics to me CCP would ■■■■ fw beyond recognition
i not even tried by pure spite
but boredom made me try today

i entered a system 20 mimies on local , thought it was a mimie system but it was amarr
successfully dplexed the thing with only one mimie at 1 au on dscam but he chicken out to enter
them i jumped to a mimie system , about 10 people on local
entered a plex, few minutes latter one mimie entered , i killed him , 4 more entered but i bailed
they tried to camp the exit gate but i evade them and back to home station

had fun

like i said it was a positive first impression in contrast to my super low expectations

and its full of people

I’m aware most players dislike what i like about the game, this forum is all about people asking for things that i hate

lets see

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Just fly underpowered stuff and try to get an edge despite the odds, you’ll have fun.

ATM i just have underpowered stuff anyway :smiley:
i will buy some of those new destroyers thought

If you plan on buying cruisers, go for buffer fits only. Active rep fits are useless, unless maybe active shield fits with Crystal set, havent tried that yet.

The thrasher Fleet has insane Rate of Fire, quite OP imo, but meh.

i don’t believe in implants

yeah people said this to me

heh, you might have to in this new environment as solo.

I dont go without them personally.