hi CCP you sexy game developer :wink:
im here to talk about faction warfare
it used to work at the amarr side and i use to have looooots of fights and fun
now the crab/carebear style is dominant
minmatar is max lvl , amarr is lvl 1, no fights , just jackdaw , dramiels … etc the usual farming suspects
but today it was the last straw for me
i was searching for a catalyst on dscam and i found it inside the open plex , he run
we had that friendly conversation

at first i didn’t understand
how should i plex in a pvp ship???.. i mean i OPLEX in a pvp ship for the last 2 years

them it clicked , he is using a PVE cata do do open / large plexes and he is making BIIIIIIIIG money
they are like MAX lvl i mean BIG BIG BIG BIG MONEY

That is not fair … thats is so low risk for the money … that need to end

i have 100000 suggestions for FW but now i want to present a simplified pack … for now,… it will improve 100%


  1. individual tiers + faction tiers
    plexing and time on faction warfare improve your individual tier

  2. % improvement
    tier 1 is trash, max tier is a gold mine , lets improve less
    5 levels with 4% increase per level so one can receive 20% max for faction level and 20% max for individual level total 40% more LP BEST CASE SCENARIO

  3. 20 % penalty for changing faction in less than 6 months


only tier 1 , pirate and faction ships are allowed inside plexes (yeah i know … trigs … maybe not trigs :P)

terminate all FW mission agents , they are not needed

make LP reward for killing inside a plex bigger , maybe a solo bonus

sry for making a topic about it but don’t let that institution called faction warfare die
it got WAY worst after niarja fall and mineral change
IMO i think is because NULL sec mentality is gaining ground on low

ty so much CCP you look fabulous :heart_eyes: :heart:


I think I found your problem.

You see, you were expecting CCP to develop EVE with the intent to create and maintain an entertaining, fulfilling, and challenging gaming experience, and not as a Skinner box for farmer trash contemporary mobile gamers who are only in it to watch a number go up because their entire lives have been structured around a steady stream of consumerist propaganda and brainwashing.

This is a rookie mistake, and one I don’t blame you for making, but hopefully you’ve now realized the error of your ways, and are ready to purchase some PLEX or maybe burn any device you own that’s capable of displaying media, and, I don’t know, getting a puppy or something instead.

Alternatively, start building a time machine, so that you can go back to pre-2004, when games actually were still games, and these lowest-common-denominator mindless zombies stopped playing them within three minutes of trying, instead of being 97% of the target demographic.


yeah i know
but the way is going i will quit FW
and i wanted that POPE hat so much , i take a LOOOONG time to get one without being a farmer coward :frowning:

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Join CODE. and watch the world burn. They’re the last vestiges of the true old guard who still worship the old gods. I’m going to try doing wars again soon, and you’re more than welcome to join me as well.

You need to understand that there are no “fights” anymore. The sooner you do, the happier you’ll be.

It’s okay, I’m sure CCP will sell one for $12 soon enough.


lots of fights last year … things changed so fast

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Remember what I said a few months ago: it’s like the same 50 people over and over again. That’s not open-world PvP anymore; it’s more like being stuck in the fifth circle of hell, and not even realizing you’re there.

You’ll find true happiness when you start killing players who aren’t willing to be killed.


anyway i hope ccp listem to me or some other FW dudes and ruin the gold mine of that disgusting farmer
i repeat he is making BIG MONEY, like farming in null with a hell money, like incursion ,money
in a 10 milion cata

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How many of those big complexes do you think there are in the game at any given time?

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its infinite , he can do it 24/7
one goes other pops somewhere

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But how many are there at any given time?

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i dont know
there are a lot of fw systems … but i don’t know
one can make a circular route and farm for ever

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I’m just thinking that what if a bunch of people got together, and camped the majority of them specifically to kill these people? How many people would it take?

Because I imagine the tears would be pretty epic.

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he is in a 10 mil cata
1 site pays like way more than 10 times his ship fitted and it takes 20 minutes
besides the real farmers use impossible to catch t3 destroyers
he is a simple one


It’s not about the cure, but about prevention.

If you’re there, then they can’t grind their ISK. So see if you can give me an estimate for how many of these things there are at any given time. You’re quite familiar with FW, so you should be able to eyeball an estimate.

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money need to change , them the farmers will leave

im a solo dude , never think about number of people but this is the map (amarr/minmatar)
there is plexes in all this systems

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Do the research for me if you can. Maybe keep a manual count the next time you fly around. If you see like 1 per every X systems, and there are Y total systems, we could do a rough estimate very quickly.

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This might be a little whack, but you might try logging in and doing the research yourself. Or if it’s too scary to fly around all by yourself in lowsec, get tutucox to escort you.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I would, but I don’t have time right now. I sleep 5 hours a day as is. Also, he’s been doing this for years, and knows what to look for; I don’t. It would take him much less time to do it.

And seeing as how I’m training a character intended solely for doing FW with him, your catty jab is about as flat as a glass of coke sitting in the sun for three hours.


hmmm i havent played enough eve lately so maybe my toughts might have faults:
so you are swarmed by destroyers who wont fight:
maybe fast locking gatecamp destroyer (or even a cuiser) might be the solution
the destroyer has a 4 sec align time ? and tactical 2+? and if im correct they cant use stabs?
and even if you cant catch them in plex: camp a gate, they have to move . (ok catching at3 on a gate alone might not work but 1-2 Friends will do the job)

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That would be a solution if not for the fact that half of them are bots that spam dscan and bugger off the moment you show on 1 AU scan. Some of them even make BM’s within 0.1 AU of the plex and warp there.

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