Faction Warfare and LP is broken!

Faction Warfare and LP is broken!

I am a solo/small gang pvper in the GalMil FW militia. I have only one source of income, FW and its LP. In the past, I have been able to buy and fly whatever ships I want, including JF’er and any sub cap faction/T2 ship in the game, all from converting LP to ISK.

How do things look now?

For example, I currently have a lot of LP invested in VNI bpc’s. CCP have obviously nerfed the VNI and as a result, I cant sell many. On top of that with recent changes to manufacturing a BPC for a faction hull, CCP have made it impossible to sell VNI BPCs because of the manufacturing costs. In JITA right now if someone wants to make a VNI from a BPC, the parts cost a crazy 410m isk, on top of the prices of the BPC.

What are CCP doing? They are making it very difficult for us guys and gals that just want to have fun pvping in low sec.

Can CCP fix this broken FW LP / ISK situation?


Jimbob Rock

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I was cloaked in the small in reitsato the other day (tried to catch a generic name coercer… you know the drill).

Enyo on 1au, botter ran… then came in you in all your beauty.

So while I was sitting there… watching your Enyo I realized you shot about 2 caldari destroyers before warping out not even finishing the 2 minutes on the plex.

I looked up your Killboard. I had the delusion my Manticore could somehow take your Enyo. Couldnt find an Enyo Lossmail but a very impressive killboard. Not bad !

Now I am reading this and I realize your mindset. Even at Gallente Tier you complain abour LP rewards. Not because you care about about plexing but getting dank frags with bling ships. Which according to yourself is no longer possible.

TL’DR. Maybe its a good thing ? The less profitable the more T1 frig brawls. The more actual pvp and fun.

Maybe less ISK is what FW needs.

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what gets me is that LP in faction warefare makes no sense:
Logically, the side that should award more LP is the weaker side: they value your contribution more.
THe stronger side should “cash out” LP better: they’re winning, so they can afford the largesse. Gives people a reason to join the losing side, and fight like hell to take systems.

Just to be clear:
Level 0 = get mostly LP, and redemption rates suck
Level 5 = Less LP, more direct isk, LP+ isk requirements to cash out are at their lowest.

It’s been a long, long time since they nerfed the VNI. Perhaps you should find something else to sell?

Hi Brisc,

I am selling other things but right now I have over 200 VNI BPCs and can’t get rid of them… as a CSM do you have any ideas on how CCP can make it easier/cheaper for people to make ships from BPCs?

Shame as it used to be a decent ship…

Hi Chromesome,

Maybe I had somewhere to be when I left the plex with 2 minutes on :slight_smile:

Ending scarcity would be a good first step.

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что бы вывести лп ,надо 1.ввести в хайсеки лед и газ и планетарку ,которые находятся только в нулях и вх и ввести в больших количествах,что бы игроки могли спокойно варить компоненты.вот тогда и будет стабилизация.а то,что сделали разрабы,называется убийством рынка

The VNI is still a fine ship it’s just not the combine harvester of null sec that it was.

The GalMil LP store is in a far better place than some other LP stores.

We have yet to see this whole set of events play out.

You will have to accept that CCP said you will experience the pain before the rebalance is complete.

Next you’ll be complaining that tier 4 bonuses to LP rewards are too small. (If I had my way you will)

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