The Update and FW and the Gold Rush

All these industry changes are going to increase the price of ships like crazy. Except for faction warfare we are going to be raking in the isks. Why? Because LP is so easy to make especially with Caldari Militia! Not just that, but the update made all faction ships and battleships use the new blueprint resources to build… Except for FW. Yep, you just buy frigs, cruisers, even bc’s in the tech 1 version. And BOOM convert to faction version with your LP. You just made a faction ship and skipped all the new industry BS.

Your Welcome o7

Yup for a little while, until it is spammed so hard the price crashes milk it while you can.

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Raising awareness

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This is already the preferred way of getting faction ships. Unless CCP change how LP stores work you probably won’t see much of a price increase for faction ships. (except maybe mordus).

It’s also not unique to FW.

faction warfare and arena apear to be the place this ships are most used anyway
don’t see much problem there

agree that CCP need to listem to people that do FW and make some fixes …

Thanks for tagging me.

We are aware that LP stores throughout New Eden, not only FW LP stores, have options to exchange LP for full ships. Historically very few people redeemed these offers because they didn’t make sense in an ISK/LP sense, but I suspect that dynamic will shift.


long live the geddon navy issue :stuck_out_tongue:

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FW should be safe for a while. LP store has needed ovrehaul for years. Never done though. Ships and ammo and some skillbooks have been their main profits makers for years. And implants, almost forget them.

Since, well, when they went exploration happy and such…it made factions mods even less desirable really. Faction mod has a set base cost. the tags and the isk up front and the derived values for accepted lp to isk rates. So as deadspace got cheaper due to increased stock…yeah…you can keep that faction armour/shield mod.

This jsut worked in its favor for once. So happy for FW and lv 5 lp spammers. Best case they ride this out a good while. Or CCP finally looks at the fuster cluck lp store has been for years.

Either way is a win as I see it.

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