Price increases - faction BS

Nestor now 1.4bil?
Vindicator now 1.4bil?

Both were under a billion not but 3 months ago.

If ship prices stay like this or keep rising like this, PvE will barely turn a profit.

What’s up with the prices ? I don’t do industry.

Any insight appreciated, thank you

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CCP moved the powah from indy people to mission runners.


Industry change happened and faction/pirate ships require new components that are still currently “too hard” to build so it has been slowly rising in price.


what they do to mission runners?

don’t look at us, most of who i run with, don’t use faction BS anyway.

You sound a bit jealous and resentful there, pal.

I meant buying it with LP is the best option since the BPC changes.

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Wait, you talk smack on the forums all day and you’re a mission runner?!

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