Most bpcs are useless now?

so, not really an industry pilot but I figured I’d dabble a bit after hearing about exciting changes to industry. So I pumped out a bunch of stratios’ and Asteros’ to get a feel for it. Great looking ships. Enjoy flying them. So next I figured I pump out a Nestor because I want one and just hit max skills to fly one. So grind, grind, grind I go. Purchase my shiny new bpc with 600k loyalty points and I’m off to cook. But Wait, what are these new materials requirements? No biggie, it doesn’t seem like much ill just check the market and eat the cost for now so I can get rolling in my pretty new faction battleship. But WAIT! LOUD CALCULATOR NOISES I could buy a titan for the same cost and scarcity of these new materials! Oh no biggie ill just get my toon with max pi skills to get rolling on these materials. smacks head oh that’s right! All the planets in high sec are taxed to kingdom come. And I’m not in null or whs because I don’t like playing eve like it’s a second job. Honestly I don’t really care, like I said I’m not really an industry pilot. But this just completely killed any seed of interest or excitement i had about it. Is this not a big problem for anyone else?


Just wait for a bit. The new mats will rationalise.


Everyone, double the sell price, WE NEED MORE ISK, because everything is expensive!

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I pretty much agree… industrialists keep nickel and diming their way out of existence. We need to start price fixing a little… why are we expected to build and sell with such narrow margins?
This is eve. Start the collusion already.

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There was a guy a few months ago who genuinely tried to organize an industrialist strike.

You should ask him how that went.


I’m doing some PI in a wormhole, if you want some help give me a yell in game.

It’s still going to take forever to break even as an industrialist. Those mats need to be built into components and the BPOs to do that start at 40,000,000 and top at 1,500,000,000. Then add about a month research to get them to 10/20.

Ships are going to get a lot more expensive before they get cheaper.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Huh, ok.

Was just going on something youd said, actually. vOv

Yeah OP you should probably just quit.

Naw. Just wait it out as you said. I was just pointing out that the wait will be longer than you might have thought. Like two months longer.

But they will stabilize eventually. The OP just picked a bad time to jump into the building game.

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How long did you thonk I meant, out of curiousity?

Truth is, Ive no idea. I build all my BS and larger stocks before this and am happily living off the interest atm

Err…a bit?

In any case, I stocked up as best I could in freighters and other large faction and industrial ships as well. I’ll sit on those while I build and sell Marshals for the next few months. The mind numbingly boring job of leveling up twenty accts in Project Discovery for the last three and a half months is starting to pay off. I’ve hit level 500 on three already with another three due in the next month. The balance will trickle in over the rest of the summer.

Boring, yes. But at 6.5 billion a pop the boredom is worth it, in my opinion.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Or this means that packing our bags and moving out and moving on from this game is getting near.:slightly_smiling_face: It’s really hard for CCP to think more clearly if they are pressured to make more money.

Best part was that he wasn’t actually participating in the strike. He just wanted others to do it for him.


For industrialist that BPOs are cheap. Industrialists have tens and hundreds of billions ISK at their disposal. 10/20 is not mandatory. 10/12 is way faster.

That is the whole point of this patch just like almost any other economical patch last year - to make ships more valuable.

Another reason to avoid pvp and staying alpha. Does CCP really have a roadmap that make sense.? War in delve are concluding so what’s next. We will now trust the gankers and cloaky campers to deliver more distruction.

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Its looking to want to steer that direction.

If I wanted to return to 0.0 to see the historic moment that is 1dq in person (either side, no vested interest either side) 1 dread and 9 BS’s later…I’d be broke. that 10th and final BS (.to round out the 4 billion since now 400 mil ships) would be the ratting bs. Pvp on that…nope.

Which for 1dq…I’ve done meatgrinders like this before. As attacker and defender.

Why I jsut stay an upfront and honest bear for the moment lol. Not really wanting to zap 8 billion just like that. Sad times…If I had 8 billion in my early blob years I’d be going damn, I can lose ships for days no ratting required. More than likely an alt I have whose grandest plan is a loki/t2 cruiser…may take up the pvp mantle.

look at her api…see all she can do in cruisers and frigates. Come on in and blow up cruisers and frigates. This I could afford.

Until the feared t2 application of this rebalance hits.


For anyone understanding that the market will regulate prices once things are figured out, no. There’s a dimension called time and things evolve along that vector, it’s amazing how some people are unable to grasp this simple notion.

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well it’s like going from 12 to 20 days (for some bpos it’s 10 days to do 0/0 → 10/0)

E-pen is still right, before prices start to stabilize production needs to adapt.

Tbh the hyperbole and snootyness lead me to believe anyone who suffers out of this is getting what they deserve.

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Heres the deal with that.

Want to know how I made over well a billion isk profit not even leaving jita long ago?

The T2 moon shift changes were coming. t2 was going to have resources supplies, bpos, redone. Not unlike this.

So I got 10 of them at their old price of around 100 mil ish looooong ago. sold them over 200ish post t2 change.

Your homework assignment is to go hop on a jita char. Tell me what the current market price is for a hulk. Hint. at 1650 japan time eve buy orders are lowballing at 285. sell orders over 300 mil.

now if you get lucky jsut to prove me wrong…1000 people in the next few minutes will flood the market market with hulks at prices that did not go up (but never down again) after t2 moon goo shift and tiericide indy changes. and later indy changes plus scarcity.

Markets rarely go do down unless meta changes. BS meta isn’t changing here. Pvp’ers need em. Bears need em. This is not like say interceptors. Which after t2 changes bubbles burst did settle to somewhat decent prices.

Only because if inty makers kept the bubble high…some faster pirate frigate becomes a better option to buy lol. Also what always kept AF makers prices more honest. Charge the same as a dramiel…I will buy that dramiel.