Destroying industri

I have some bpo after playing some years. But now when we get reward as bpc when we log in i cant no longer get isk on them. Also now with the pack that is sold were u get a miningship their is no market for me to sell my ship. I used to do some copy and do some ship but have stoped to do this.

Game get less fun of this i think because it less stuff to do. Now im mosly do mission and wh. The minerals i get from mission now im only selling on market from mission (reprocess). No building whatever. Bpo is just in hangar. First we say that it could be a player driven economi and now we get ship from the empty space ditect into eve. Abit disappointed how the game evolve when it comes to this packs that selling and all bpc as login rewards.

Yeah and how bout the fun fact that CCP made you go to low sec to get certain ores, then the ores never respawn. Where I mine a week has gone by and NO RESPAWN. Not one single rock. Nada. Nyet. Nope.

Anyway thanks CCP. I agree with the original poster. And no I will not bother telling you what system this is happening in. I have reported before. Did you do anything to fix it? No. You really aught to keep up with what goes on in your game. Hire someone who will.

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