Titan of Industry coming through

Lol, not really, not yet. But I’m pretty “maxed out” on perfecting my art of Pi so now I’m turning attention to Industry.

So far I got a spreadsheet of products from Eve-Marketdata.

And so far I found two items that can be scaled to as much as you can produce, earning 2million a day and 7million a day respectively. This is with 8ME and no TE…though 8ME/16TE seems to take about 2days to train so could go for the cheap bonus (10/20 is not so cheap…like 16days of training?)

I realize industry is going to take a lot of learning, because now I have to care about not only when I buy my inputs, but how long until I receive my outputs before I can move them to market.

So, I wanted to ask current and probably real titans of industry out here what their isk per day is from some of their favorite industry runs? I realize most talk about isk per hour, but I just adjust for days for ease of comparison to my Pi.

To me, 2m/day and 7m/day don’t really sound too good, but they are pretty much the first industry items I’ve found that are even profitable to begin with that involve sustainable production quantities.


I looked into industry a few months ago. I was surprised at how many items were selling well below their manufacturing cost. Now, with the tax changes, it seems even less likely that items would be profitable to “manufacture.” I have to assume that most of these items selling below their manufacturing cost must just be easier to transport than their base materials from null.

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I’m not going to give u a figure, partly because it varies a lot. But back in the day when I was a Industry Titan wannabe I built a Orca/Freighter/Bowhead every 8 days, plus a fuel block run every month, plus rigs plus sundries like industrials & charges.

You need spreadsheets & scripts, lots of them, welcome to ur new game client.

As I told you already, I make at least 1B benefit per day from industry. Just producing T1.

However I have well over 100B of bpos, most of them researched to a “good enough” value. Good enough being 10/20 for most bpos but cap and structure ones.

I’m not mastering anything. I learn every day.

For new players it seems like the difficult part is to get the exact value of the production cost, the structures, the rigs, the skills, etc.
Or how to get the values from the game, eg what items I have, what’s available on the market, what am I building, what bpos do I have that are researching, etc.
Forget that. The difficult part is actually to take as much as possible into account, like reactivity of the market, provision on the market, time to build stuff, time to research bpos, volume of the materials, investment, production cost, etc. And to work correctly on them.
And also, to realize many things you were told in the game are actually nonsense, like the “price” of an item.


Yeah…I got sheets lol.

Fuel blocks trade at a loss though, sadly. For now

Let’s put this to scale though.

I only have 4 job slots.

I only have 2 items I found so far that even turn a profit.

And I don’t know from experience yet how many of those I can move on the market.

Soooo. I want to get to your level. But dont know what will be required.

Do you do 2m/day (however many runs that takes) per job? And 1000 jobs?


Is your billion just the turn over and you make profit because you mine the mats?

I look at all mats thru the lens of the market. If it’s not profitable there then mining it sure isnt worth my time either. (That’s the mindset for me. Some people afk mine. Some people enjoy mining. Etc.)

I no longer think you’re a native English speaker. You maybe misused this idiom. What are you Dutch? German? Russian? English is so whacked it might have just been a nuance in your thought to text. :thinking:

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This is where I’m at. Mostly the marketability. I can put money to product but if the market is small the product wont move. If the value is low the profit is low. There’s a sweet spot I’m looking at products that moves but also can move enough capital.

I constantly have like … 50 jobs of building ? All my toons have perfect building skills, implants. BTW I take the price of a running job into the cost of the items, with 100k/hour. That’s for 50 jobs, a net gain of 5M per hour, or 120M per day - but I don’t factor this in my net benefit.

what ? I’ve not used a mining ship for myself since … dunno. too long.I have perfect skills for orcas though. Just worthless.

That’s not experience. That’s statistical analysis.

ATM I have 41 T1/meta items that are worth building

Lastly I’d love for you to expand upon this. I love the devil’s advocate mindset. “What you think you know is wrong…”

Especially when it’s true.

For me it’s experience. Way back in the day before becoming a firefighter then recruited to an analyst for what I do now…I was formally trained in prospecting Geology and worked in the field.

The concept for me is the same. Drop a drill hole get a sample andbuild a map of what’s down there.

In the “market experience” it would look like putting a block out to sell see how it moves.

I tried that with Perimeter.

Needless to say Permiter is slow as dirt and my Jita blocks EVEN AT HIGHER PRICES would move before those at perimeter.

Entirely from Jita bought product? It have to deal hunt?

Wait…wtf? Implants will improve ME?

They are only below cost if you buy your materials.

Well, THAT is from experience. Sooner or later you realize you made a lot of mistakes in your model.
The sooner, the better.

In my case : I was making isk/h evaluation, and did not take into account the value of the materials I needed. So I was making a lot of T2 crystals , without realizing that I was having a 0.1% margin. When I corrected it, I stopped doing those because they were actually no worth it.

Another recent example : I did not take into account the volume of the items I was building. Therefore when CCP made industrial cynos, I made a lot of industrial ships. After a while, I realized it took me too long to move them to jita, even with two freigther alts, and thus I had to change my model. This being done, I still have a few industrial remaining, as well as battleships that were worth if not taking volume into account.
that’s the inventory of the items that are not worth selling on jita, but I have built them so I will sell them if/when they become worth it later, or if I need to use them, or whatever. Total value is 36B right now, can go to 50B. I also have the same value of items ready to start jobs. provisioning is the most important part.

I don’t know what deal hunt means. As my previous screen shows, I just buy and product when it’s worth, and then sell when it’s still worth. What is not sold remain in the inventory, to be sold later (market is cyclic)
I have several freigther alts to move my stuff, I usually move it in <2b parts though sometimes I use a DST for >10b value.

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If you make the material and it’s not profitable you’re basically working for no profit…

They improve TE.
Some items have very high volume, so when it’s time to build them, it’s important to build the most possible in the slowest amount of time.
One of the items which is worth building right now, I have 25 10/20 bpos of it. and 38 0/0 that I need to upgrade. Each requiring like 60 days of research at least just 9/18 . I’ve acquired like 10 bpos recently at 100M/u average. - just for this one specific item. I’ve also bought several other bpos at the same items, for other items, this month I’ve bought on contract 11B of bpos - and that’s a small month.

here is the implants of my secodnary alts
freighters also have a sp-905, a ws-615 instead of rr-605. One alt has a rx-804 for reprocessing.

I forgot to add : they train all the time, but I don’t extract the SPs. I have a lot of thing I like to train, like rigging skills to 5, also science jobs; trading, plus my freigther alts are training into JF. Just for the educed alignement time and increased ehp from the nomad ^^

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I’d love to talk tactics with you. Why are you so comfortable with a DST and 10b isk? Cant 11-12 tornadoes pop a DST no matter the tank?

not with mwd cloak.
** sometimes ** people aggress me when I am lazy and not using cloak (usually that means 1B in the DST or less). just gives a KR.
Last time the nade did not even go through shield, on an armor tanked fit.

And no, 11 nades would still not be enough to put me down. Because the tank actually matters .

I won’t give my fit, but really, the people who die with DST in HS, out of war, they did not give it enough thought. It’s easy to reach the 100k EHP and still be MWD cloakable.

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Does it have the active armor repairer? I have a passive fit for undocking. But for gate travel maybe a refit using mobile depot or unused station to active/rep makes since.

I think so but only with active armors…for an undock I went passive so I’m not pantsless during lag.

But I like the idea of a passive->active swap for travel after that.