Not sure why Indy guys are raging?

Why are indy guys mad at the change to mineral acquisition? You guys have been producing ships and mods for negative equity since Incarna, you don’t even offset the billion isk cost of your subscription.

So I do not understand why you cry that mineral prices are going up. If trit cost 1bn isk a unit you lot would still sell hulls for 15m.

Stop crying and just buy more plex for $ is the answer to your problem. You’ve been manufacturing at 500 plex loss per pcm for years, now you just gotta supply at 1000 plex loss pcm.

I don’t understand what value of plex loss pcm made you reee so hard, break through the barrier & return to reality? Maybe a graph guy can do the math on that one.

It is not that big of a deal, you’ve been churning ships and mod at 500 plex loss pcm now do it at 1000 so htfu and stfu.

Oh man, if that

bothers you so much, why just not uninstall the game? You apparently sucks in finding right staff to produce, thats all…

if you’re running indy and not making a bill and a half in a month, you’re doing something seriously wrong.

Hell, I make a bill and a half a month logging in for five minutes every two days.


Your answer, and CCP’s answer.


Isn’t it obvious? It’s not the industrialists that are crying, because an industrialist would just charge his clients when the materials he uses increase in price. It’s the grinding miners that dabble in Industry that have so much issues with the changes, because they can no longer mine their materials in hisec “for free” and sell for a loss. They must now take into account the cost of minerals not available in hisec. Industrials already took building costs into account, because building profitable items was their forté all along.


I do not produce. I built some fighters one time for my own use.

I just do markets, space law & other finance.

Good for you. That is the sort of non reeeeee indy we need.

Thanks guys so it is good to hear that real indy is not effected negatively by these changes in any negative way.

It is not noobs who suffer with the mineral changes it is eve’s losers new & old. They are just gonna lose more & it seems maybe they’ve broken through their $/plex mental fantasy barrier.

CCP have a fine line to walk between devaluing the entire economy & letting losing indy players live their fantasy, those who pay $pcm to feel like they are successful at indy & markets by dumping under equity products on the sandbox.

What 4 or 5 months ago we had to buy the high end minerals anyway.

Not sure why people are freaking out

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In general they’re not, OP is a drama queen.


Have to admit though, has been quite the reeefest up in Info channel

TBF some players will reeee about anything, even if what they’re reeeing about is to their advantage.

Whingers gonna whinge.


True dat.

Sadly, the cross I chose to throw myself on has left me with not a lot of ways to take advantage of this event myself.

Indy guys aren’t sure why they’re raging, either.

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Paying to PLEX has been rotting the game for years.

Nobody plays the GAME anymore. They play to try and get another 30 days to play and try and get another 30 days to play and… you get the picture.


I don’t see a picture, I had 57 yrs of gametime for 2 accounts since last check.

I don’t spend my days churning ship hulls and modules out at a monthly loss, a loss so bad it does not even cover subscription cost.

I suspect most whiners about mineral changes do. My message to them is, stop.

Plex = Space Cocaine

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There are other ways to build ships without taking a loss except for missile usage. At least frigs to Cruisers. For the better part of a year I was using all my reprocessed salvage, and moon mining for trit, to build ships for profit.

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Plex = 1365m, If your industry is not turning over 1365m + (set yourself a min ISK/phr value here of setup, I’ve chosen 100m as a low ball) per calendar month then stop doing industry. Seriously stop, put the spread sheet down & buy a plex. Unless you really get an endorphin hit from splurging $'s.

‘‘Look Hun, I’ve turned 1365m into 968m, oh drats mineral changes mena I will be turning it into 752m, reeeeeeeee!’’.

[qu"ote=“Brewlar_Kuvakei, post:1, topic:271021”]
Why are indy guys mad at the change to mineral acquisition

Real indy guys aren’t. We’re looking for the opportunities in the new paradigm and planning how to profit from them. Real Indy guys also don’t sell at a loss.

Pretend Indy guys are trapped in the old paradigm and afraid of change. Some will adapt, some will die and those of us who remain will pick up the business they leave behind.