On Nullbocks Joining Faction Warfare

Are we ready to have every single WZ plexes camped by nullblock multiboxing fleets 24/7 for precious Navy Dreads ?

Are we ready for the final nail in the lowsec FW solo pvp coffin ?

Are ready to have our LP exchange completely screwed with ?

Are we ready for denial of content 2.0 ?

Congratulations, one great change followed by a hailstorm of utterly idiotic ones.

CCP, you rock…

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We get more content now your crying…


You call Nullblocks clogging up all plexes with LP farming bots content ?

Pity the nullblocs. They live lives of endless boredom.

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Fine, but we don’t need that ■■■■ here though.

FW is ablaze with fresh meat. The rewards are too high for the dash five sites, but they DO attract people to the warzone.

Maybe some people in my militia doing the farming can use their newfound wealth to finance the militia by giving their money to them, either through conversations or events.

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please provide proof of the bots. Also, report them?

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A question out of curiosity, because I have no clue about FactionWarfare: From the conversation in this topic I assume CCP designed sites to capture for progress and did not make sure they cannot be easily botted or done semi-AFK? Really? Or do I miss something?

That’s the point tho, more action in low sec, place valuable stuff that the blocks will fight over, also a side note, high sec is almost worthless as far as profitable ventures, sure there are a few activities that net good isk but the most popular are the most nerfed.

Don’t worry tho, in a few months when markets are saturated with bpc and it’s no longer worth doing it will die down.

You mean when LP will be in oversupply in all empires and wont be worth ■■■■ anymore unless farmed with 5 alts minimum …

Got it yeah, that’s totally where they’re going.

I am in total agreement, I am happy to keep playing but not to enthusiastic about the direction, but I will say high sec gets a small buff without free alpha’s to be ganking for free .

I haven’t seen anything like this and i doubt I will. Everyone i have seen seems more interested i. Fighting than in farming.


I always loved it when nullblocs came to lowsec.

They don’t know the rules, so do stupid things like engage you on a gate, etc. Always fun.

Now I’m in a nullbloc and not really interested in going to lowsec, though maybe I’ll drag my lazy ass to somewhere to stage from. I don’t know. That feels too much like work.

Even though LP is devaluing and my entire income system might be crumbling around me, I am so very excited about cheaper Hookbills and cheaper Republic Medium Shield Extenders.

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