Another idea for fighting bots in FW

I’m not affirming anything here. This is a question to you all:

Do you think forcing ships to have, say, 70-80% of their ships module slots filled would render botting unprofitable?

Maybe add a minimum Isk figure to the fit as well?

I’m trying to get inside the head of a dipshit botter here: FW is lucrative 'cause you can automate the character creation, the free venture tutorial thingy, and the actual plexing itself, all in one day. If you add certain requirements that make botting these plexes take longer than that - and have some cost involved -, they would give up, right?

I doubt it would make them any different.

Im not quite seeing how this would negatively affect them.

A guy in the other thread proposed to replace the LP per plex capture system by a SystemWide pool which you only get LP from once the system is captured or lost, giving out Aggressive and Defense LP respectively to all those who participated.

Also to propose Alphas to having less LP from plexes as opposed to Omega.

And any other way to limit botting in general is welcome too.

Keep up the good work, anti-botters. o7

Fill ship with cheapest module available, nothing changes.

The problem is that defensive plexing requires absolutely nothing from a ship. Requiring defensive plexes to shoot a rat just as offensive plexing does would already vastly mitigate the problem. My guess is if that was the case only the novice complexes would be attempted to be botted.

I havent seen bots in amarr-minmatar zone recently, is gal-cal zone infested or something?

What would you define a bot?


Its an educated guess based on observation and experience. Ofc we can never be 100% sure because we have limited access to information.

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