[Proposal] FW LP payouts only after the System/Constellation is captured

Like incursions, FW LP payouts for sitting in sites should only be given once the system or constellation is captured. Would be an easy way to prevent botters as they would have no guarantee the system would be flipped and would create a driving factor for FW people to work together rather than go it alone.

Interested in feedback.


And how are FW newbros supposed to finance their FW PVP ships?

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by working together with the faction to get they bread?
How is a new bro supposed to 0.0 so he can rat?
there are loads of ways to make money, dont know if you know that.

In 0.0 you simply get there in your ship and start ratting which gives you instant cash (well every 20 minutes) which no one can deny you. And if you get killed you have ISK to buy a new ship. And said newbro either does it ninja style or he joined a corp/alliance which enables him to do that safely by “protecting” him.

Your FW idea means you will have to put a lot of work into trying to capture the system and you need a lot of ISK to buy enough ships to fight for the payout which can be denied by the opposing force.
And how would the game figure out how much LP each FW member would get? Would any member of teh millitia get the same payout? Or would only the guys who actually took part in the final battle get a payout?

If people who are mainly interested in FW PVP will have to start ratting, running missions or even mining, it will make it even more unattractive for newbros. LP is what gives you ISK to be able to supply yourself with ships to keep on going. I wouldn´t o-plex for a huge amount of hours for the slight chance to get a reward at the end.

If ratting in null would be changed so the bounty only gets paid out once a month and be tied to the fact that you are still part of the sov holding corp/alliance and sov hasn´t changed, people in null would go cry out loud.

PS: I like how you are asking about feedback and then act like I am an idiot, who doesn´t know that there are multiple ways to earn ISK.

The same way the incursion system gives LP payouts. It keeps a ledger until the incursion is over with.

But an incursion payout can´t be denied by anyone, right? You simply fight the rats and get the payout, you do not compete against other players, as far as I know. And it also doesn´t include any PVP (HS). You pretty much know exactly what you will have to deal with. Even if you might loose a ship, you can simply get another one if you have the ISK and finish the Incursion for a garantueed payout. On top of that, Incursion isn´t exactly feasible for a newbro. A BS or Logi cruiser with decent skills is pretty much mandatory.

Having to offensive plex a system from stable to 100% takes a long time (even without opposition) and will include a lot of lost ships lost when the other “team” is defending it.

I like the idea to get players to work as a team, but only paying out LPs if you successfully take over a system would have way too many downsides and break FW even more, imho. And I don´t want FW to be made harder for newbros to get into.

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If you fail to complete the incursion then no one gets an LP payout.
The intent is to act as a deterrent to botters and encourage people to work together. If the faction works on a system together they will take it. Mission running is still a viable option for new bros as FW missions are pretty easy and offer better rewards. Bots are not running missions they are running sites.

I like the idea, but you are addressing the wrong thing. This affects offensive plexing exclusively and the problem lies with defensive plexing almost entirely.

I was swayed by opposing views and agree that this harms new bros too much.

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