Jesus Patch

So people never give fights, always just dock when a red comes into system or Blob like crazy…

Make ratting with an ESS highly desirable by reducing the Bounties by like 50%± and have the ESS bring the amount back to the current value. This will cause massive harassment of boters because players will want to farm them. If small moblie gangs come into Sov regions the empires would actually have to bring some mobile fleets to counter them because you cant just drop caps in every system to gaurd an ESS. Warping your super into a bubble isnt really desireible… .
Even though the bounty payout is essentially the same so it dosent make to much difference for the single ratter if you use it, but the overall amount will drop because lots of dudes will just go around and try to rob other players.
Currently a haven pays 30mil now, reduce this to 15 mil, the the ESS takes 5 mil off of the tick but will but store 25 mil. The second effect is higher lp payout, this amount might have to get tuned quiet a bit to not totally crash the faction lp price but the isk spent in the lp store goes down the isk sink
This change also wouldnt just cause a mass desertion of players because it dosent directly remove anyones gameplay, the risk adverse dudes might make less money but its not gonna dramatically change the “danger level” the players are feeling.
This would also disproportionately hurt larger groups slightly more because they have the fat loot piniats sitting around but some small sov holders wouldnt really be as worth going after.

Increase in overall content
dosent disproportionately hurt low sp or small groups
lowers overall nullsec bounty payout
increases the lp store isk sink
slight negative profitability of lowsec fw but that might also discourage boting in fw space
increases destruction
dosent require coding or testing out new items

you could also make increase risk vs reward by having different levels of ESS, with in the example above reduces the bounty by 30% you could also have an advanced ESS that reduces the bounty by 60%(so from 15 mil 5 mil per site but instead of adding 20mil it would add 45 mil)
(these numbers are in regard to a haven what currently pays about 30mil/site) the advance ess would allow players to make more money the presently but also at greater risk but if you for example display the lvl of active ESS on the map more people would go after it

reducing the pre ESS payout by 50% might be a bit much but the change has to be so high that basically everyone would want to use one so it does force a slight change in gameplay but if youre making 5mil more per site then now it would be worth risking it.

it would decrease the killing of ratters (whats basically just a gank) but increase the actual pvp between gangs and defense fleets

(recommended change in addition to the example numbers from above, Payout time on ess increased from 2 to 5 minutes) to allow some time for the crab to dock up is ratting ship ans switch to a feeding pvp ship…

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