Dear CCP

Hear me out CCP. Add ESS to hi-sec. Make it 1 ESS per constellation and it roams, can spawn anywhere in the constellation and pools all krab income for said constellation, perhaps only active for a limited time. If u you enter you go suspect. Go.


And you think that the pot of money in ESS thanks to killing rats in belts, combat sites and from mission runners will be enough incentive for someone to try robbing?

Because in my opinion, the cost of the basic Stabber used to rob ESS will be higher than the potential profit.

Well, unless we are talking about ESS in some mission hub. Except that then many will just wait in the middle of the ESS, ready to rotflstomp whoever shows up there, connects to the ESS and gets suspect status. Thus, no one will try to rob ESS in such systems.

You’re right, but smaller stakes smaller ships. Randomly spawning thunderdome would be fun. I mean i wouldn’t be taking a 3bil leshak in there…

Which sounds like a great opportunity of more fights in high sec!


Only that there will be no fights in high sec.

Miner will not be interested in defending cash in ESS from belt rats he killed. PvE folk will simply ignore what little ISK will be in the bank from their activity. It certainly won’t be worth risking their PvE ships to defend the bank, and I doubt they’ll want to change the ship in the station to one more suited to PvP.

FOB killers - I think they would be the only ones interested in fending off some of the revenue from FOB destruction that would go to ESS. But I suppose that in such case they would adjust the moment of FOB destruction to the time of money payment from ESS and additionally they would bet on ESS to tear apart a potential thief/group of thieves.

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Just because you won’t fight, doesn’t mean other people won’t.

Personally, I like it. Either way, I get a payout or a fight.

You might also be able to bait thieves. Try to look like a PvE’re who’s clumsily trying to defend the ESS, but but actually be PvP fit.

Of course, all the carebears (which I define as straight PvE’ers) already know that they won’t defend it. thus, they accurately perceive it as a nerf to their income, and will do what they can to fight it.

Oh, and I doubt that it matters to you, but it is my understanding that the time it takes to get a payout is more than enough time to reship.

Dear krelgsz,


(If it were run by Gadget)

Absolutely love this idea. Something like this would probably get me to play much more actively.

Only thing I’d change is having many smaller ESSes instead of one big one, to prevent power/wealth consolidation by the big high-sec mercenary groups. The income per ESS should be calibrated (by adjusting the number of sites) to be in line with other high-sec high-end incomes (e.g. level 4 missions or 4/10 complexes). That way players could opt to try to make an income by engaging in a PvP-centric activity and make money that comes from the wallets of other players, instead of grinding out fresh currency via their own PvE, which would be a boon for the economy as a whole.

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Great idea, plus 10x the payout of all highsec stuff, but make it so the amount above what’s paid today goes into the ESS.

Only if it deposited 100% of all mission rat bounties, belt rat bounties, and other PVE bounties into the ESS. This is only fair to defend what is yours and help make mission running and combat anoms more exciting in high sec!

This won’t work in non-null sov space because high sec miners are usually random people, not the same corp etc.

It wouldnt impact miners though it would impact missions and pve anoms in system much like nullsec ratting. 100% of their bounties would be taken and they would have to defend it to get paid. Seems like a great way to encourage active gameplay and fun into missions.

Sorry I meant to say ratters etc, not miners. Besides, hardly any rats/anoms worth ratting in hs.

it may invigorate highsec missions by not paying the mission runner anything by default and they would have to “defend” in the systems they mission in to get those payouts.

A great anti botting tool and making missions more fun since you would have zero isk payed out unless you defended the ESS in each system.

god no, that sounds like communism.

What’s wrong with that?

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Having to fight to get what you are owed?

Hmm not sure how.

Bolsheviks certainly did that a bit though.

seems to work well in nullsec. ratters and corps need to defend their ESS or they dont get paid.

should be no different in highsec for mission runners. no fight no pay. no risk free easy isk or botting either!

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So basically people will get a sort of tax/theft on their mission payouts so others can win money in an arena?

Am i reading this right?


Its how it works for nullsec ESS so if the OP is right and ESS comes to highsec then yes. Mission runners would not get risk free ISK no more than nullsec ratters do when people raid their systems.

If no one challenges then they get the isk they ran the mission for. It benefits everyone.