Dear CCP

I can see how that could be good but essentially people could be running missions for up to maybe 1 hour for nothing. Newbros will basically get nothing.

Seems more like a sort of pyramid scheme in the same vein as communism. Peeps work for others to benefit. Imagine running a mission for any length of time for nothing. it doesnt sound good to me XD

Easy fix: have much lower percentages go into ESS from lower-quality content.

Also, just as an observation: if every single high-sec carebear got into a battlecruiser, and not even a particularly well-fit one, and with minimal training, all of the high-sec PvP groups would cease to exist. We’re talking 50:1 odds on the field, at least. Just food for thought.

I dont really see an issue with high sec pvp groups. Gate camping and killing miners is almost as brainless as mining itself in my opinion but people will play how they want.

NPCs and asteroids don’t tell you that unless you pay them back for the ship you just destroyed, they’ll get all of their friends into a fleet and kill you until you cry for forgiveness, so it definitely is different. Read Aiko’s blog, you’ll understand.

That would involve people actually doing something. I mean I was baiting last night with a tristan, got into a fight with a gnosis, started winning so he brought in another alt to kill me.

Was a proud moment :smiley:

Where is this blog?

Hundreds upon hundreds of illustrated pages displaying the emotional stability of the boomer grind mentality.

I have lots of my own stories from doing high-sec wars too, but I never kept a journal like this.

My corp ran a null sec roam into territory by a certain entity that could squish us (or anyone for that matter) anyday of the week. We ran a fleet of mostly ass frigs and other assorted stuff. They eventually noticed us and came with dreads and pretty much everything to absolutely squish us completely without any sort of GG’s.

I guess the suspense was good XD

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I take it as a compliment.

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There’s a story I’ve told a few times on the forums.

I once showed up to a null-sec area in a t1 cruiser (I think? I like blaster boats, so it was either a Thorax or a Brutix). I had a pal in the alliance that lived there, pasting me some intel. So after they spotted me, one of their FCs started putting together a “defense fleet” to take me out. He couldn’t get enough people because everyone was too busy grinding and ignoring. So he started raging on comms, and after a while had a meltdown and rage-quit because he couldn’t get the 40 or 50 people he wanted to x-up. He canceled the fleet and logged off. I just kind of hovered around there for a bit, and then flew back.

That was when I knew I was truly done with null-sec. Didn’t come back ever again, aside from my little outpost in Stain.

I just read a fair bit of that and it just makes me cringe really. I dont understand what a boomer has to do with any of that or any generation for that matter. It’s just whinging btches.

I did my first needle flight for expo. No one really bothered me, made a quick 100 mil and noped out.

Would do again.

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Hahaha I think ill have to create an alt to experience null as it does seem genuinely sht in some ways outside of venturing into it.

In my experience, the bulk of the grindbears seem to be older people. I know I know, not every boomer, and I agree. I’ve had some fairly old friends who were pirates, etc. Just…more are grindbears.

My guess is that these are the people comprising the “casual invasion” of gaming. They’re the ones who got their first taste for games on their phones. By comparison, I know very few people my age who do any mobile gaming, which tends to be extremely casual in nature. The economics kind of line up too, because boomers (in the first world) outnumber younger people these days, and guess who has all the money? Mobile/casual gaming is an industry that’s 10x bigger than the conventional gaming industry.

Anyway, do explore the blog. You’ll see a lot of crazy stuff, like threats of real-life forced sexual activity and murder (I’ve had a few threats over the past few years just from posting here on the forums).

These days it will be more like your experience, where they’ll just try to titan-drop your frigate to get you to never come back and try to disrupt them again. Null-sec deals with neutrals not like gamers dealing with other gamers in a game, but like a totalitarian regime trying to crush dissent (execution without a trial).

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you don’t know what you’re asking for dude.

nobody wants ESS. so much so, that they had to force it.

Everyone voted for and majority want ESS system.

I REALLY think you have communism and capitalism mixed up there


This sounds like a fun idea. I think it’s completely out of the question this will ever be added.

Then that’s where it belongs.

In nullsec.

The secs are different on purpose.
If you want ESS fun. Go there.

—Gadget said secs…


Everyone voted for and majority want ESS system.

No and no.

–Correcting Gadget