BRM and ESS idea for improvement

Hey all,

Had an idea for the stagnant BRM and ESS system in nullsec.

What if you allowed ratters to keep their bounties in the ESS for additional cycles so that the bounty would gain interest (at some rate to be determined) taken from the reserve bank?

This would allow a form of gambling that might increase both defense of ESS, ratting, and people trying to take ESS’. Ratters would leave in their bounty, thus getting interest and increasing the size of the main bank for potential theft, and since their increasing money will be at risk would be more likely to defend said ESS.

There would have to be a time limit or low percentage yield to prevent compound interest scaling issues obviously, but I think it could increase ships in space/destruction etc.

Anyway, ‘back of the napkin’ idea, but thought I’d share it to see if it may have merit.

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