DBS/ESS suggestion

Just putting this out there for collective thoughts on whether it’s a good idea.

I like the ESS mechanic, I think it’s brought a really cool flash point to null sec but there’s still a lot of blue balling and there seems to be fewer people actually out in space now which I’m guessing is tied to scarcity.

So, what if rather than the DBS reducing the isk value of bounties, it increased the percentage of bounties which went into the ESS? It would increase the risk aspect of ratting without reducing the reward, so long as you’re prepared to fight for it. Your farming, the is always just as valuable but the more you do the more attractive your space is for pirates, bigger farms should draw bigger robbing fleets… It would keep with the spirit of “it’s only yours if you can defend it” and the size of the ESS banks in farmed systems could be big enough to lead to some pretty spectacular fights and if not a worthwhile payday for anyone with the stones to rob it…?

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For most of the larger groups in null there is no risk running the banks.

The entire point is to reduce an isk faucet. Changing how you access the isk doesn’t shrink that faucet.

Not to mention not every system has both systems.

The ESS accomplishes two things:

  1. It encourages fights
  2. It encourages risk

It encourages fights because it rewards roaming groups even when everyone docks up, which means roaming is profitable and people unwilling to let ISK to go roaming groups will show up to fight instead of cower in their structures.

It also encourages risk because it pays significantly less to people who farm the same distant ‘safe’ systems en masse rather than spreading out and kill rats for bounties in the often-traveled systems.

You mention you like the ESS mechanic, but it seems you only like point 1. Point 2 is just as vital in what the ESS brings to null farming: it makes people spread out and take more risk if they want ISK.

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