DBS Experience

Hey CCP,

The DBS system is confusing me pretty hard. I rat in a region that’s home to a pretty small Alliance. Some of our ratting systems average like 1000 pirate ships killed in 24 hours and yet we see a pretty steep decrease in DBS.

1000 pirate ships is roughly 15 - 20 sites depending on which sites are ran and how many spawns per wave. Meaning that system at 115% is worth about 500mil in pure bounty payouts. That’s not a lot between 5 or so ratters. Especially when you take in to account the risk of ESS loss/PVP loss from defending your ESS. Also as each system goes down it becomes worth less and less. So you move around to other systems that arn’t upgraded, don’t have the ADMs raised, or are in worse areas and the ratting value becomes even less.

I get what you all are trying to do with DBS but making it that sensitive it just insane to me. You have to allow your players to make ISK. You have to. This game runs on ISK. Making it so you have to travel 5 to 10 jumps to rat, plus maintaining ADMs in a dozen of systems, plus having the ability to cover that number of systems without Titan bridging capabilities is a steep side cost to ratting. Like 1000 rat kills to see a decrease in DBS is nothing.

I was surprised. When you all talked about this DBS it sounded like it wouldn’t be this bad. But the implementation of this has really proven that wrong.

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Is this system not allowing you to make isk?


There is a 15% discount on PLEX right now. thats their way to let you get your isk. Ditch ratting, use $$$

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Just kill a few T1 frigs on your structure undock and see if the multiplier goes up again. I live in an area with negligible ratting and negligible PVP kills and the multiplier still went up to 120+ in some systems.

But less isk than before.


How big is that group of yours you’re talking about?

My bad.

So let’s say five ratters running twenty sites.
That’s four sites per ratter, 4x5 = 20.

That’s not enough information.

How much ISK do they effectively make and how much is in the ESS to pick up?
When do they farm?
Do they all farm at once, at the same time?
If not, are there any overlapping times when people farm?
… etc. etc.

You’re not providing enough data.

Not sure what you’re asking here. I stated they farm roughly 1000 rats in a 24 hour period. All of the information is for the DBS system. So time of day is meaningless. The point is that ratting 1000 rats a day in one system is enough to cause the DBS to go below 100% consistently then that means there is a soft isk making cap of each system of between 400-500 mil ISK per day. If you rat more then the DBS goes down significantly more.

When they farm is pointless. If it’s done in a 24 hour period.

Significantly less isk then before.

Can you point me at where it’s explained how the DBS works?

Also I’m not particularly interested in when people are farming,
but how many are farming at the same time.

Unless you can provide a source that explains how it works,
DBS might as well be influenced by how many people farm at the same time.

I’d love to know more, but apparently someone can’t even answer a few simple questions.


Well it wouldn’t work if it was insignificant…


That’s the article for the DBS release. CCP doesn’t release indepth information. Most of it is information the players find out and share between themselves. Because there are some mechanics that work behind the system I doubt we’ll ever know how it 100% works.

I heard that someone found through testing that the multiplier starts going down after 500 mil in bounties, and then it takes like a week for it to recover (iirc) -which seems rather harsh. Maybe they’ll turn some dials after seeing some metrics and player feedback.

In the meantime, I suggest trying your best to see if you can’t get the system to work for you. If can make it work, then great. And if not, your knowledge and experience with the system should help you to give better feedback, and hopefully help you to make a more persuasive argument for any changes that you might suggest.

To give some paper examples, it could recover 10% of the amount it is depleted or an absolute 1% a day, whichever is larger. This means that the further down it goes, the faster it recovers to a moderate point, but it’s going to take a long time to recover to a perfect 100% without any PvP Kills happening.

Which means it’s possible to reach an equilibrium point along the way based on your level of activity without it automatically diving all the way to rock bottom. And that’s assuming that it’s simply a linear recovery rate rather than some kind of logarithmic recovery rate.

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That’s why it’s important to answer questions in that regard accurately
… instead of just dismissing them.

Because as long as they’re being dismissed …
… we’re not going to find out anything.

That’s why I ask if they all farm at the same time …
… or at different times.

Do you finally manage to understand?

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As long as there are people “PLEXing” their accounts CCP will have no other options. How else is CCP supposed to make money to keep the game viable?
2 of the biggest problems with the state of the game, IMO, are PLEXing accounts and Skill injectors…

You do understand CCP makes as much money of people PLEXing their accounts right?

Perhaps but in theory its a completely free method of accessing premium content.

I understand that it is a “carrot” to entice spending of actual $$$. I also understand that it can be, and is, used to play the game 100% free. I would wager a significant portion of those who “PLEX” their accounts do so without spending one red cent of RL$$$.

Why would you buy PLEX with RL money to use it? You get less for your RLM that way

Probably. But CCP don’t care if you as an individual spend money. They care about collective income. So if you plex your account someone else is paying for you. And CCP get paid. So for financial purposes plexed accounts are almost as good as subs.

  1. For other uses of plex like skins.
  2. Don’t be sure. For large plex packages you can get substantial discounts, over a certain size you can even directly negotiate with CCP. People love to quote plex cost as if you buy it 500 at a time, but I’d wager in reality it gets bought in larger packages normally at a lower per plex price than that.