Null seck ess takes to much making ratting not worth it

People shold be pist i have spent 8 years playing eve and all i see ccp do is push players away so im done and if you think im wrong a single proper fit ishtar is about 350m to 450m will give you 17m a tick before ess and null system change now that same ship makes you 8 to 11 will giving the rest away for someone to steel im for good pvp but if you want me to pvp i need to make isk why play if you make the grind harder means i pvp less not more



But why don’t you defend your isk then?

I’m not sure how this logic works.

CCP wants you to PVP to defend your isk. CCP doesn’t care if you “need to make isk”. The game is now “if you want your pay out within those 3 hours, you need to fight for it”.

So either you do, or you don’t.
Whether you need to make isk doesn’t matter.

Then it looks like you’re going to lose the isk in the ESS.

Weaklings get weaker, and all is right in the world.

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Might I suggest you use a translation program. At least they will add some punctuation which will do wonders for making your post legible.

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No punctuation … and greedy.
Definitely a smart individual.


0.0 is dangerous place where someone can steal your ISK if you don’t protect it. What a surprise!

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How can someone “steal” ISK from another player ?
Can we carry ISK in the cargo hold ? Also, I was under the impression that whatever game machanics we can exploit is part of game design. Like using online tools and progrms. Is that correct or do I have it all wrong?

Quote from ESS change devblog:

The Reserve Bank – This is the real jackpot. A smaller portion of each bounty is placed in the Reserve Bank where it sits until claimed by someone on grid who has a consumable key required to unlock it. When stealing from the Reserve Bank, you will be paid over time at a rate that spools up to a maximum then winds back down…"

So yes, we definitely can steal someones ISK in this game.

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I don’t know whether to :rofl: or :yawning_face: at that one. Do I want to grind/pay to get what I need to steal from the Reserve Bank ( lmao! ) or continue to use my limited game time developing my capsuleer and training on npc.
It would be worth it if my goal was to become ISKing-o-the-hill which it isn’t.
Thank you for answering my question.


I make enough from ratting to motivate me even with these changes … but then I’m part of an alliance which attempt to protect the ESS:es in our space. I mostly like the changes and find it interesting that there have already formed corps which specialize in bank robbing, enabling new ways to interact with other players seems like a good thing in my book.

The only thing that kind of bugs me as a newer player is that I can’t fly a ship able to enter through the ESS-gate yet. I can however still help my alliance by trying to capture and kill the bank robbers when they try to leave with their ill gotten gains.

its worth it
you guys are rich AF
dont cry
“rating to fund my pvp” right …





Solution is simple…don’t Rat in 0.0. The time it takes defending from those after your ISK is better spent earning ISK elsewhere. I stopped 0.0 sec ratting and went back to hi sec lvl 4 mission running and topped up with a little manufacturing as I was close to trade hubs. A lot more ISK generation with less risk. Players will always find ways to pvp there is no reason to force it upon others. Without those who try to avoid intentional pvp there would be no-one to hunt as pvp orientated players avoid each other 9 times out of 10.


If those who avoid intentional PvP avoid it 10 out of 10 times, and PvP orientated players avoid it 9 out of 10 times, where is the destruction supposed to come from?



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My point is if pvp orientated players hunted each other rather than take the easy pve fitted mission runner or miner they would not get annoyed at players avoiding pvp. Somebody who has fitted out a pve fitted ship to optimise ratting is not going to go look for pvp based players and will take measures to avoid them. If ccp puts measures in to force them to pvp they will find other ways to earn there ISK. Dont agree with anyone who tries to avoid pvp but gets ganked complaining as that is part of eve and should never leave. Surely it would be easier for a pvp orientated player to find another pvp orientated player to fight…but they won’t out of fear of losing their ship, the same accusation pvp orientated players make towards players who try to avoid pvp.

Agreed, nothing wrong with that. Most objections to this arise from people wanting game-rules protection from it, though. But evasiion is just as valid as looking for a fight.

Again true, and so they should. But they should also accept that the safer from PvP the rules of a situation make them, the less isk they should expet make from it. I dont think that this has been the case, or is even the case now.

I feel a strong argument against this is basically because it was so easy to make isk in the last few years that the average cost of ship has increased (the hulls havent, but the kind of ships used are more expensive) and so everyone flies the Latest ThingTM and not easy to afford and replace T1s for example.

But this glut of cost isnt the fault of of players orientated one way or the other, its the fault of CCP making it easy to farm large amounts of isk for negiligable risk.

They have a problem that no one wants to lose their multi hundred isk ship, not because it was hard to replace but because the loss of it wasnt factored into their cost analysis and so they view it as an unacceptable minus in their balance sheet.

But without pinching the faucet off at its source, how else do you stem the tide?

How do you convice people that flying ships theyve already written off is a good thing to do?

For me its easy, CCP took away my own carebear profession, and so I went Alpha. now all I can actually fly is stuff I can afford to lose, and I cant really earn enough to replace anything I cant, so win win for me.

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I don’t get this reasoning at all, the idea that players who hunt for other players would only go after PvE-fitted ships is simply wrong. Sure it’s prefered since it’s most likely an easier kill but save for a few ‘risk averse’ hunters most players in Null who hunt are merely looking for fights and don’t mind going up against a target that can potentially bite back.

Check the minerbumping site to see how wrong your assumption is.

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Living in null sec let me tell you 99% of the PvP’rs come up in kitey ships (including small gangs), and don’t want to actually PvP - they will run away and filament out while you wait in system with them to grow some nanas.

They come up to blow up MTU’s and whatever easy target they can catch.

Oh, but people think that our PvP’rs are much better than ‘the Carebears’… but in general they are just as risk adverse!

((Not always of course, you occasionally get a good fight!))

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If I wanted to do a rob, Id not be wanting to fight.


If I wanted a fight, I might rob as well.

What is the incentive for PvErs to fight, when they would prefer to rob (lets pretend doin a rob is PvE) and not PvP in the sense of doin a fight?