Encounter Surveillance System

The ESS system is total ■■■■■■■■. I just spent 3 hours trying to make isk and had a 50 man goonswarm fleet come in and steal it in 5 minutes. There is no way i could defend my isk. This is an unfair and ■■■■■■■■ part of the game. It makes me want to leave the game and never come back.

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yeah, the blocked words were bull ■■■■ and bull ■■■■

I’m pretty sure ESS are features designed around gang warfare. FW is more for the solo … small gang. Obviously you can try to do ESS solo, but you’re trying to punch out of your weight class by doing it.

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He was not raiding the ESS, he was farming ISK and a big chunk of his farming was stolen by a big blob gang coming through. Your reading comprehension is as good as Rattati’s and Burger’s skills at creating good gameplay experiences …

@Jaileint_Darkendark If this drives you out of the game, that’s sad to hear but totally understandable and commendable. The more people act like you, the better for EVE because it forces the incompetent developers to come up with better ideas or the game shuts down sooner than later and punishes the developers for their incompetence.


A grindbear got his just rewards?

Working as intended. Botting and farming is not risk free!

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The portion of ISK that goes to the ESS is only paid out when you can defend it.

You couldn’t.

Luckily you don’t always have to defend it, often nobody comes around and you get that ISK unchallenged. Better luck next time!

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Rat in a pocket system. dont let your ess get above like 20 mill. move to the next system, rinse, repeat…

Now you know the power of being in a community and the power of group activity.

Grinding for ISK makes you not enjoy the game, make friends in EVE and create content with the community and you’re better off.