Help me decide on my path in the game?

I’m not quite a new player, in fact this is my 3rd comeback since 2008. Mostly been a carebear and a loner, though I’ve also dipped my toes into FW and nullsec way back. Nowadays I mostly do lowsec/WH gas harvesting and hisec stuff, but especially the latter feels like going through the motions. So I’m looking into getting into other activities and want some help in deciding. What I know I don’t want is corp drama and having to use voice comms.

  • Is FW more of a freeform, PUG-based type of PVP? Something with less commitment where I can contribute without answering to someone would be nice.

  • Any tips on how I can monetize my gas harvesting, or anything I can do to branch out from using mining frigs? BTW, I do have Omega.

  • What are the pros and cons of running combat complexes versus security missions?

  • If I do get into some PVP or group PVE, are there any support roles I could play? I’m not really interested in rocking blinged-out battleships with maxed-out combat skills, I’d prefer ECM or repairing. Plus, I have remapped all my point in Intelligence and Memory so it would just be easier to skill into.


  1. nobody can really help you to decide, because it depends on what you like. Only you can test and decide
  2. you play alone in a mmo. You are wrong. You should dive into the mmo part. Joining a corp will provide you friends and GOALS. Because what was your goal until now? earning more isks? for what? you want to monetize your gas? for what? Joining a corp will give sense to your activities. You will get aims, enemies, friends to defend, help, advices, fits, things to build, etc
    You don’t want corp drama? nobody wants corp drama. Like in real life, most people are nice, some are dickheads. What did you expect?
    If you want to play alone, play a solo video game.

Despite it being a sandbox, I know EVE has progression. Most noticeably, bigger and more powerful ships and harder rats. If it weren’t for the fact that you can lose ships permanently at the discretion of suicide gankers or your crappy ISP, the idea of getting the most blinged-out T2 battleship or whatever might be enough to keep me going. Most MMOs these days are basically all about progression, and many of them have a hefty grind too.

But yeah, I get what you’re saying. Interacting with players makes the experience more dynamic, for better or worse. I just don’t want too much commitment or scrutinity (last time I played I was asked to basically give my corp full access to my character information, right down to skill training queue). That’s why I’m asking about FW, maybe being in a NPC pvp corp would be more my style.

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you just have to find the corp that suits you
due to the nature of eve, where spying and betrayal are legit, it is normal for corps to ask you informations. except my credit card number, i have nothing to hide.
I prefer a director who is cautious and supsicious initally, tha
n a director who will trust everybody, and one day will see a guy running away with corp assets. Eve history is full of such things, and they are part of what makes eve fun


You make some good points, but I have to disagree with this one in particular. Unless it’s against the Eula, it’s impossible to play a game wrong. People play games in all sorts of ways that were not intended by the devs -i.e. sequence break, speed run, play entirely cooperatively in an MMO that was designed to have cooperative and competitive play, go no-lifer and min-max the fun out of a game, play solo in an MMO, and so on and so forth). Obviously, multiplayer games need prohibitions against cheating, because it can ruin the fun for other players, but past that, there is no wrong way to play. In fact, some people apparently like to speed run Eve (and no, it doesn’t consist of who can create and biomass a character the fastest).

Now don’t get me wrong, there are definitely advantages to playing with others, and I personally consider it to be an important component of my Eve experience. But, there is nothing wrong with playing an MMO solo if that’s what you want to do. In fact, a lot of people like to play MMO’s solo, and they tend to get upset when they feel like the devs are making changes that punish solo play.


I am in a WH corp and I like it. We do PvE ratting for ISK, PvP roams, gas huffing and occasionally mine ore and ice. There are also OPs and evictions. Industry is possible, PI is good, and exploration is available as a solo activity. A little of everything.

Monetizing gas huffing is easy. Just haul it to Perimeter and sell it. Selling at other hubs is reasonable if Jita/Perimeter is inconvenient. My understanding is that selling reaction products would be more profitable, but the corp does not have enough people doing reactions to justify the cost of making the service available.

As far as PvP goes, tackle is a low skill role that basically anyone can do. You could also do T1 electronic attack. We can always throw someone in a Praxis so they can participate in WH PvE. I suspect similar arrangements can be made in other corps for low PvE skill characters.

A lot of the support skills require an intelligence memory mapping to train most effectively. If you only plan do one other role, the non int/mem skills can be injected or trained with the free unallocation skill points the game gives you from time to time. For example, you could use unallocated SP to get racial frigate up to V and then train into interceptors, logistics, or electronic attack.

Alternatively, I like the Kikimora, Drekavac and Leshak if you are open to training into Triglavian ships for PvE. The skills are expensive, but train is fast compared to training into racial ships as a character who is starting from scratch. It appeared daunting at first, but I have no regrets about training the Triglavian ship line.

EDIT: My biggest advice is to join a corp and find out what they think it would be useful to fly. We fly Leshaks for PvE in my corp, so that was a good choice once I adopted the mindset to roll with it. I know a guy who is good at logi because that is what his old corp needed from him.


All of the biggest Corp betrayal scandals in EVE folklore have been due to the actions of trusted members (if not leaders). They were the ones running away with Corp assets.

This is one of the things that has never made sense to me when it comes to Corp paranoia in EVE - the ones you trust are the enemy, not some Rookie with 1m SP and a Rifter to their name.

Those who rise to ultimate power with too much control are the ones who begin to ponder their options when it comes to betrayal. Laughably they are often the ones screening new candidates to keep out spies and traitors, haha.


Arguably you cannot play alone in an MMO. There’s no such thing.

There is however nothing wrong with not joining a Corp, and it’s more than a little naive to think that doing so will always make your gameplay experience better. Far from it in many cases.

Joining a GOOD Corp, sure. Those can be like finding Big Foot riding a Unicorn however.

A lot of people enjoy solo PvP, solo exploration etc.

You certainly can play alone in EVE, possibly more so than in the average MMO.


Everybody wants to help the rookie. But no-one can tell if it’s a rookie or an alt, so some checking is better than regretting. But of course one can argue about hte levels of control, some are more restrictive than others.

And to really enjoy playing EVE solo, you should have learned how to play, and that is very hard solo. You don’t have to join a corp, but at least you should have some communication to learn, or your fellow players mostly communicate with bumps and blasters.



But then we have Rookie Help and our NPC Corp. If ever I’ve needed to learn anything about the game I’ve asked in either and found out what I needed to know. Just reading Rookie Help is like a pernanently running tutorial.

And of course everything is on YouTube. I’d say I know almost everything (short of the actual experience) about most EVE activities, even those I have never tried, because I’ve watched so many other people do them. This doesn’t mean I advocate trying to play EVE in a bubble of complete isolation, but that kinda ties back to my original comment ‘arguably you cannot play alone in an MMO’.

We all learn more than a few things the hard way in EVE too, perhaps more so than in most MMO’s. Arguably this is one of EVE’s strong points (assuming you like that kind of thing). Again from months spent in Rookie Help I can vouch for the fact that many dear little Rookies learn the ‘something just blew up my ship’ way, lol

I actually like the feeling of personal freedom in EVE, a large part of the appeal for me is the ability to jump into my ship and fly off into the unknown without needing to rely on anyone else.

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I learned a lot from corp mates when we were doing things together. A random comment by the FC can jog your YouTube/Wiki memory and make the knowledge stick.

For example, on a nullsec roam where we did not find anyone, we warped to belts and killed rats for standings. That is when the connection between ratting and standings clicked for me despite having read about it. Corp interactions also help me learn how to fit ships.


miranda, being in a corp and doing doing solo activity (explo, trading, what you want) are not mutually exclusive. But as i said, being in a corp will provide some help (the rookie help chan? don’t make me laugh, i read it regularly, and it is not the same thing as having a convo on comms with a corpmate on a specific point for 15 min), and most of all it will give SENSE to what you do. If you are in a corp, there are some corp projects, or alliance wars, or some demands from corpmates etc. Your PI will be used by a corpmate to produce fuel, the ships you build will be bought by corpmates in pvp fleets, the explo loot that you will get will be sold to some people who build rigs etc etc
The solo pve part of game, imo, is a bit repetitive (missions, ratting, abyssal sites, etc) and after a while you can get bored.
You won’t be bored if you have friends in game.
And the OP seems to be reluctant to join a corp because of potential corp drama. Most probably, like in real life, 80% of corps are full of nice persons. You have to take the risk, try several corps if needed, until you find a good one.

No you don’t.

You don’t have to do anything in EVE. That is one of its strong points.

It’s not doing it wrong because it isn’t doing it how you do it despite you saying so.

When people like me say things like this we mean it, we’re not just confused versions of you who haven’t realized that we want to play how you play yet.

EVE has room for everyone, all play styles, solo or Corp. I certainly don’t believe the only way to make sense of what you do in EVE is to join a Corp.

The game has no path. It is a sandbox game.
You can pile up the sand, scatter it and take it away from the other children, or destroy it. Some dig for sand, some sniff for sand, some produce the sand, others can only dream of sand. It stays with the sand.

The sand must flow.


Have you considered Warp To Me incursions by the way?

I was reading up on them, and as long as you can turn up with the required skills with the required fit, it sounds like you just need to join their waiting list, turn up on the day, join their fleet, and knock yourself out earning ISK vs Incursion forces.

They have specific roles, including DPS, Snipers and Logi.

They don’t require you to speak, only to listen.

I was reading up on them at work the other day, sounds like an awesome thing to do. Just not sure how active they are these days. The guide I found is from 2016 and I have heard Incursions aren’t such a big thing anymore.

Warp To Me Incursions

Might be worth looking into.

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is it a joke? no need to play with words litterally.
the full sentence was “80% of corps are full of nice persons. You have to take the risk, try several corps if needed, until you find a good one”
so if you prefer, i can say
“imo, you should take the risk, try several corps…”
“imo, it is worth taking the risk etc.”

try to focus on the sense ?

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I prefer to melt the sand into glass, just so someone can break it😉

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Your sense =| everyone else’s sense.

You made a blanket declaration that playing differently from you is wrong and that people have to do it the way you do it.

At least you have now acknowledged that this is merely your opinion. Well done.

Gentlemen, please…
Not in front of the kids :stuck_out_tongue:


Or play Eve alone. Some of us don’t feel the need to join a corp. Some of us enjoy the challenge of making it on our own. I travel all over nullsec and WH space looking for relic sites and occasionally I hunt other explorers or miners or other opportune targets. I have a bit of time every day or so to play, and this is what makes me happy. So I’ll disagree with everyone that says you have to join a corp to play Eve and have fun. Joining a corp may make some things easier, you may learn things quicker, but even solo I have had great conversations with pilots I’ve met through my travels. Usually the ones who’ve gotten away when I’ve decloaked next to them.

A lot depends on what you want to do. Exploring allows me to fly on my own, away from any station for as long as my cargo hold has room. Try out different things. Try out a corp if you can find one to fit your needs, but you just need to find what you want to do and is fun, and then ignore all the others who whine about how horrible CCP is because they blahblahblahblah.