Not sure what to do now

Been playing for about 4 months, am currently in an NPC corp, and I find myself struggling to find what to do.

I have about 32m SP scattered basically everywhere, so I can’t even focus on a single race or line to fly a single ship or class of ships decently. Advice? Should I try to find a corp (when i don’t even really know what I want to do), or should I stay solo?

I guess I’d like to dip my toes into FW, PvP and WHs, since i’ve been mining for like half my EVE career. Been in nullsec too and found that either too boring or too dangerous.

Anyone else with similar problems?

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4 months, 32 m SP? It took me 24 months to reach that value…

Corp is always worth a try, be aware you can always quit a corp, so have a try. It’s less dangerous then in Nullsec :wink:

A combination of mild addiction, some disposable income and financial incompetence : /

Good preconditions for a cool EVE career. Just don’t burn out.
A friend of mine was Multiboxing his Orca fleet after 6 months, but doesn’t play anymore now, what a pity.

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I’d recommend joining a corp. They’ll likely get into a few different activities, which can help expose you to more of what Eve has to offer. Hopefully, you can find something you like. And if you don’t like them, you can always leave. You can also check out communities such as Warp To Me, Bombers Bar, and Spectre Fleet, which have a more open nature and no responsibilities or expectations.

Skills wise search for “magic 14” those skills will do yu good no matter what ship you fly.

A corp maybe beneficial, or choose to go your own path, going into a corp you could get pigeonholed into that PVE grind which serves a purpose but can be dull

32M SP in 4 months? Good grief. I’ve been playing on and off (mostly off) since 2012 and I only have 35M SP. You must have spent a lot of money. Good. It’ll pay for CCP’s next expansion.


So you skill injected a bunch of ships that you likely don’t know how to use or fit while camping in carebear space. It’s time to find a null corp. You should’ve joined one your first month.

Quit shaming the guy for buying SP.

It’s a big game! I think your idea to try pvp and get into wormholes and FW is real good. These activities don’t have to be mutually exclusive but you’ll find most players will have their corporations so focused on just one of those things or alts in one game play or the other.

FW will be much more casual, and the fights are out there. Pvp is harsh but eventually you’ll get it.

I heard the other day that a good killboard comes from a bad killboard.

There’s generally nothing wrong with buying SP, I’ve injected quite a few skills I needed more immediately, like most people.

But buying Sp as a fresh newbro and having no idea what you are doing, then having this idea the game has no content during a time of a large amount of content, is generally stupid and a good way to waste 1k USD.

I mean, if you want to spend that kind of dough on SP go for it, but at least understand the skills you’re actually injecting first.

i.e: there’s an open thread currently from a <month old character asking how to mine with just an Orca in high sec.

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Gotta break a few eggs to get an omelet :grin:

I mass injected once in a large amount of Caldari / missile skills, but to be fair I had been playing for a year and I’m thankful to this day I waited because I still use those particular skills every day since I now pilot a Levi and Phoenix.

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No this is very subjective at best. There is really not a lot of direction in this game at all and it can be difficult to really think of what’s next or what someone wants to do. You can spend money to get into activities faster as a brand new character and then decide it’s not your thing. Where’s the stupidity in that?

Exactly. Even the solo Orca pilot thread will have skills for the Orca that will go with any ship in the game, much like your current Levi/Phoenix.

It’s just not something I don’t think any experienced player could recommend the vast majority of newbro’s to do.

At the end of the day it their money not ours, but I think most people could agree it’s probably best to approach the spending of real-life money with more forethought and planning.

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And yet the guy was asking guidance on what to do next rather than the pros and cons of injecting skills. Rather than derail his thread perhaps you should have opened your own.

To be fair, my first reply I recommended him find a nullsec corp for the content he is looking for, before going on this tangent

Assumption much? Citation needed. You can become very well-read on this game in 4 months.

@Felix_Isimazu thinking way back when I was brand new, I would go on these ‘kitchen sink Frigate’ roams with my corporation and I learned so much about PVP from the other players. I think back on this and my corporation then had routine roams in lowsec every Tuesday and Friday and I really looked forward to that and I think that was my ‘hook’

From there on the comms after the fleet stuff I’d hear about other stuff in the game, I learned how to probe, how some players handled their industry, discussing fittings, all kinds of stuff.

lol :rofl:

Yeah, nothin.

calm down, man. I just didn’t think it was a debatable statement to say “don’t yolo your real life money on a video game you don’t understand”

Sure, but most players likely arn’t and neither is the OP, or he wouldn’t be here asking what to do.