Not sure what to do now

Fair, but then it all kinda went on a tangent… not blaming anyone, it’s easy for threads to do that.

Thing is FW, PVP and WHs he can all do solo. I am in the same boat in terms of trying to figure what to do and I’ve been in game almost 10 years. If you look and most corps advertising in forums it’s the same text pretty much over and over again. Nothing there even sounds unique

You could get trapped into going to null, surrounded by blues and ratting until your bored senseless.

It depends on so many variables, how social you are, how much you want to get involved or do you like to go off and do your own thing. I would suggest finding a corp that does various activities that you may like or at least want to try, but you may go off and do you own thing too maybe getting together for certain goals/things, how you find corps like that is another matter though.

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What’s your advice other than berating him for spending his own money? I’ve quit Eve more than once thanks to a lack of direction and focus.

What my first reply to this thread was: Find a nullsec corp. Why? He’ll learn more information and how to focus on more specific content he will find he enjoys from interacting with players than what anyone can really try to relay over the forums.

Also, nullsec = much more content.

And with EVE, you’ll also many times need to rely on your own ability create direction. It’s not going to be like WOW, where everything is forcefully linear.

edit: tried to make context more clear

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It’s very true that you do indeed need to be capable of making your own content.

Nullsec content though is what? ratting havens and sanctums or being an F1 monkey in a fleet (for the most part) I dont neccesarily think that null = much more content. I think for variety WH space, even if you have a high sec static so you can get stuff in and out, yu can hunt down the chain, pop out into different low and null systems for exploration or hunting, or do WH stuff.

Wow so this thread exploded…

In hindsight, I agree that dropping so much IRL cash on skill injectors was probably not my best decision, hence the earlier partially tongue-in-cheek comment of “mild addiction, disposable income and financial incompetence”. And as newbro to (future) newbros, don’t do this unless you have a VERY good idea of what you want to do.

According to Steam, I’ve put in nearly 1900 hours into the game (you can think quarantine for that), and god knows how much reading and pouring over E-UNI, I’d like to think I have some of the basics down.

I was in nullsec, but it was either spinning mindlessly around a depot in a ratting VNI/myrm, or getting wtfpwned by another massive fleet, or just staring at mercoxit and local all day, or being an F1 monkey in some alliance CTA or stratops, or being forced to spin ships in station while an AFK cloaked neutral camped our system. My point is, it’s either boring as f*** or suicidal.

Anyways, for now I’ve found a decent corp that I’ll probably be staying for a while to build up some “hard” skills, so I don’t need anymore advice. Thanks to all.

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