What do I do?

Hey ya’ll,

Just got back into EVE, after a very long hiatus. Me and a friend got back in, been wondering wtf to do. What should we do? I was thinking just pick up all my stuff ina freighter scattered through universe but I feel my money could be much better spent. Any ideas?

What should I do?

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But why did you come back?


I’d say try wormholes, but it looks like you already did a fair bit of that. Really depends what you enjoy doing:


  • Throw endless frigates at faction warfare
  • Join a null sec alliance and do fleet ops
  • Back to wormhole space - either a small corp or try with some of the bigger entities


  • New Abyssal deadspace - higher tiers are extremely challenging and rewarding (pretty to boot)
  • Missions if you never tried before - do the epic arcs and such
  • Nullsec ratting if thats your thing


  • Set out to make something - become a ship builder for a local market hub, or ammo supplier etc
  • Mining - some people enjoy it for its relaxed nature - use it to fuel your industry needs or just for the hell of it.

Eve is a sandbox, you make of it what you will. Think about what you want and your goals - then go do them.


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The response to your reddit post is the best.

However, I think just in case you don’t find your way and think of leaving again (I hope you don’t), best to contract me all your stuff. That’s something you can do.

Leave again. Eve is obviously not for you.

Do you just enjoy being an arsehole?

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@Gunnar_Williams not much to do here!
Eve has became desert with couple of old hillbillies doing their thing in the safe zone of their farm back corner.

Plenty of content available for the people that look for it. You’re either exceedingly pathetic at finding content, or you expect everyone else to spoon feed you. I get content every time I log on.

I must be playing some other game…
I usually log on looking to shoot something but it ends up me jumping 50+ jumps or scanning wormholes for couple of hours…

The only explanation I have to myself is wrong timezone.
Other than that, this game has became boring compared to 2012 when I started.


My advice, join a nullbloc. Even just to try it. Lately, the daily content in HS has been amusing. Very different from null content, making sure my safety is green so that I don’t accidentally get myself concorded. They’re proper fleet fights, obviously with HS gimmicks built in, but it’s honestly enjoyable to fly battleships again and not constantly be waiting for the bombing run to wipe your fleet out.

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Just make sure to have fun. Don’t be afraid to interact with people either, they are what make this game worth playing.


Every day, and you?

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Stop asking yourself what you can do and just do.
Start cruising, start talking in local (greeting would be nice), find opportunities.

Stop being a consumer, basically, and instead create your own content.


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