What to do?

Returned to eve after a few months breaks and I got no clue what to do. Doing mission´s solo like I use to is starting to get boring, mining solo is slow as always and pvp depends on what mod I´m in.

I always wanted to try incursions but seams like you need to fly rely expensive ships to do them I mean I seen people talk about Nightmare,Machariel or Vindicator. Sure I can fly Machariel or Rattlesnake but don´t have the isk for them yet.

What I fly is Ishtar and Typhoon does are the ships I got now.

So yeah Incursions feel out of reach.

What do you guys do for fun in eve maybe some ideas would help me get back in to enjoying eve.

Industry appears to be a piece you’re missing from the puzzle above.



The events are fun. Missions are repetitive - but no more so than any other income earning aspect of the game.

Join a decent nullsov corp.

You’ll get a mixture of PVE, industry, PVP, mining, etc.

Look into Warp to Me. Provided you can hit the EHP and resists they require, which aren’t that expensive to do, they’ll let you fly t1 battleships.

Plus, I’ve yet to see any major signs of the major attitude problems reported in most incursion groups.

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During the event bait event site runners and/or steal event loot and/or catch event loot thieves and/or simply complete the event sites yourself (and when a good opportunity arises do the other options).

Perhaps consider flying a logistics ship in an incursion fleet rather than a DPS boat? Everyone loves logibros.

True but right now I got like no skills in to logi boats.

If you have to ask, you don’t really want to play Eve.

Bump AFK miners, Orcas, and freighters for hours on end in a Mach or Fleet Stabber. Fit a cargo scanner and module scanner to a procurer or skiff and pretend to just be mining while you provide fit information and a warp-in for gankers. Bait players by stealing loot in a tanky ship, then when they attack you, lock them down with a web/scram then have the gankers warp in on you and light 'em up. Pretty much any activity that brings tears is worthwhile…

Catalyst with drugs and t1 mining ships in a .05 system never fails to be fun.

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