Hitting the wall

So think this might relate to a few players.

So I’ve played eve on and off for the past 6 years. Originally started out with pve then moving into mining on my main and having a hauler alt.

However since returning to eve I find myself spending more time in stations then actually getting out there and doing things. Just deciding what todo and enjoy the game at the same time whilst not waiting months for skills training.

Trying to Join a active corp to try and break this solo cycle…

Any thoughts or advice how you got out the same situation?

Stop doing the same unengaging mining and hauler and go do some pvp.

Fit up some frigates, and go get blown up a bunch and ask the people who kill you for advice. Most are chill, some are absolutely trash.

If you keep doing the same PvE, mining, and hauling day in and day out, it’ll get boring and you eventually quit the game again.


Eve is a social game and a lot of corporations are recruiting. You can get just as much enjoyment from building stuff as you can from blowing it up. - New Eden needs both types of player.

I find eve can be boring on occasion so I try and mix up what I do, so i vary my activities to try and keep it interesting.

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  • Join one of the public chat channels to socialize in general or to do so regarding a specific topic.
  • Steal stuff in Jita when bored.
  • Suspect bait people when bored.
  • Join a public roam / pvp gang.
  • Join Red vs Blue if you want to commit yourself fully to pvp.
  • Join a public / invite only mining fleet and chit-chat while mining (if they are not all afk mining that is :stuck_out_tongue: ).
  • Check my latest initiative that is to create a channel and occasional event to duel / pew pew flying cheap frigates in hisec without having to join a corp or risk much ISK worth of stuff, a sort of entry level pvp just to taste how it’s like and can go forward from there if you like it (check my threads by clicking my forum name or avatar here and you can read the rest).
  • You also potentially can find duel opportunities at trade hubs, at least I saw occasional duels in Jita and Dodixie so probably other trade hubs have them as well or you can visit one of those two if nothing else.

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