Give up?

Right…I’m wondering now that I get killed literally in less than a second in low and null sec as well as wh, and that my mining, which I hate doing, yields only about 500 too 800 k an hour, should I not just queue all my skills to the max and go come back a month later? I mean theres nothing fun in eve that i can do…only silly repetitive l1 l2 missions or tedious mining. Is there not anything for me? I like exploring but I just get killed every time.

That won’t help you, btw.

What do you find “fun”?
If there legitimately is nothing fun, then don’t play the game and go spend your time doing something you like?

If there is something fun, find a corporation or alliance that is doing what they are doing and ask to join them. Then get some guidance from their older veteran players on how you should adapt your gameplay.


You are a member of a player corporation so why are you flying solo? A decent new player corporation should be running mining fleets with boosts - still not a road to riches but a lot more enjoyable than mining alone! They should also be running fleet missions where new players in frigates orbit experienced players in battleships running level 4 missions. An equal share of loot and bounties is pretty good income for a month old player!

New player groups in Nullsec will put you in a PVP fleet - you’ll still die a lot but SRP means they give you a new ship.


Do Little is riight. And i would add than you will find fun in a pvp fleet, because in eve even a noob in a t1 frig can be useful (tackling, scouting, target painting in a vigil etc)

Mail me in-game and I show you a good time hon.

Join a corp in low/null sec. The right one will help mentor you as well as set you up to make ISK in a safe(ish) environment with others.

You need to learn some survival skills and situational awareness (and I don’t mean SP on your character but YOU). Although we kill people all the time, in reality it is pretty easy to avoid being killed - SP doesn’t matter.

It would help if you joined a corp with people that can teach you how to live in low/null. When I was 10 days into EVE I moved into null and never looked back. Think about it: All those people that are killing you are surviving out there somehow. They started somewhere.

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Try exploring where you don’t get killed, just for the practice.

So, HS for data & relics. And get your combat probe skills up at same time. Then go chasing lost drones and MTU. Followed by deciding if you want to bash latter or not.

Also, go WH for gas, which is exploring first followed by short-duration mining, second. Just get your venture SP up as well, to make sure it is more slippy, never mind capable of touting T2 gas huffers.

Aim is to get you practiced, skilled, and then cashed up (in that order) to enable you to explore for what you want, where you want, when you want. That’s freedom. That’s fun.

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