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I’m a newb and I’ve been trying to mine in 0.8 space in my venture. I’m aligned. I’m scanning. I have a shield booster and resistance. I’m dead before I can even react. 4th ship I’ve lost today. This is not fun when all I’m trying to do is relax and do some mining.

Maybe someone can tell me what I’m doing wrong.

This is NOT fun.

Edit: Btw, I find it interesting that I was never killed by these NPCs on the free account.


Then congrats, you’ve learned sooner than most that EVE Isn’t for you. If you don’t find it fun, don’t force yourself. You can be free of this mess and find something that you enjoy spending time on.


Biggest tank the venture ever has is speed.

Start getting skills up to fit T2 afterburner. Forget about flying aligned. Just target rock and orbit at 5 km with AB switched on. 10 km if mining lasers let you.

Do what you need, skills wise, to get both base speed and AB speed up.

As to being dead before you can react, put damage control in low slot. Then start thinking about defensive rigs - EM, thermal, core. Or, match rigs to type of damage your particular NPCs are using.

EDIT: eventually you are going to have to look at mid slots too; medium shield extender and limited adaptive invulnerability (both T1). All you are trying to do is survive long enough to run away. Just be aware that you might have to risk losing 2/3 more ships before you find out if this will work at your skill level - especially “speed tanking”. Depending on level/ type of NPC, it might not.

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you have done everythg wrong

  1. you have written the wrong post: full of whining and complaining, threatening to unsub, because you lost your ship in a pvp game about spaceships with lasers. This is not “space mining online”
  2. you have written the wrong post since we don’t understand at all who killedyou, if it was npcs or gankers etc. You expect us to find the info by ourselves?
  3. you have choosen the wrong game, if “all I’m trying to do is relax and do some mining”. Eve is a pvp game

Good riddance
Or change your mind, embrace the challenge and stay


You were not killed by NPCs, friend. You were killed by a player. In fact, the same player twice in a row.

I would suggest you not let it bother you so much. I remember the first ship I lost. I, too didn’t know what happened. Soon you will, though.

It is the same in any game. At first you will not know what is going on, but you will gain game knowledge. At some point you will be able to say: “When last we met, you were the master. Now I am the master!”

Also, sometimes folk will blow up new players (or put a small bounty on them) just to see who will “cry” and ragequit. The guy who blew you up is part of a group called C.O.D.E. who you might want to look into a little.

EvE can be a lot of fun, but beginning it can indeed be rough. Persevere.


You were ganked by CODE in 0.6 space 2 jumps from Jita.

  • Set the CODE Alliance standing to terrible in your contacts. That way they will appear red in local chat so you know they are there and have time to dock up (assuming you are maintaining situational awareness).
  • Move to a less populated area. The farther you are from Jita, the more likely you will be left to mine in peace.
  • If you don’t want to do either of the above you can consider buying one of their permits - it’s protection racketeering but that’s perfectly legitimate gameplay in Eve.

hey @Lucien_Fate

you will learn but to learn you should FAST join a player corp
dont play alone in the beginning … thats the biggest error in eve


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Ok, everyoone, I just want to come here and publicaly announce that yes, I am in fact, a dumbass.
The problem was the trig ships were not selected in my overview, so I never saw them until I was dead. I went in to overview settings and found the option for invasion entity (or whatever it’s called) was not set.

Totally my fault and i’m dumb as ■■■■. Fixed it and have been evading trig ships ever since.

Lesson learned, and I’m apparently a whiny little bitch.


Wasnt a trig ship, least not on 2 occasions, it was a player.


That’s the spirit!

Yeah, the trigs are way stronger than normal rats, and I also lost a Venture to them, no big deal.
But in the vicinity of Jita, every activity is more dangerous than elsewhere in Highsec, so when you found out what you like to do, have a look at Dotlan and find a somewhat calmer region, e.g. Essence or Heimatar.

Youve acheived the first level of EVE, that is, self awareness. We were all whiney little bitches when we first began, until we learned that whining gets us nowhere. You have grown up, and become an adult. Welcome to EVE.

Also, Trigs are usually spawning in triglavian-invaded space. If you see that the top left corner of your screen has bugged out and is showing weird letters, move to a space where normal letters appear.


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Hello? @Lucien_Fate ? I linked your kill above and even told you exactly what killed you besides that. Lucien Fate has been killed 3 times…two ventures and one pod in the same system… Are you just ignoring that, then? Ok…ce la vie…GL mate.

Yeah, Eve is kind of sink or swim like that. It’s one of the reasons why I highly recommend joining a corp. On top of other benefits, they’ll share their knowledge with you. Eve University, Pandemic Horde, and Brave Newbies all have a reputation for being good, newbro friendly corps.

Second, no offense to miners, but mining kind of sucks (especially mining solo). I recommend looking into other careers. However, if you want to keep doing it, here’s a cheap venture fit. As others have said, you’ll want to orbit a rock with your AB on and one eye on local. Set Code, and any other known gankers, to bad/terrible standings, and dockup if they show up in local. They’ll eventually move on to another system. If anyone tries to get close to you (including other mining ships), move to another belt (gankers will sometimes use a mining alt to give them a good warp in point, and then use the alt to scoop the wrecks). Also, as others have said, I recommend moving away from jita. Lots of activity and gankers around there. Oh, don’t mine afk, get a properly tanked procurer if you move on to mining barges, and don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose. Good luck!

[Venture, Alpha Miner 1]

Mining Laser Upgrade I

1MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Medium Shield Extender I
Small Azeotropic Restrained Shield Extender

EP-S Gaussian Scoped Mining Laser
EP-S Gaussian Scoped Mining Laser
[Empty High slot]

Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
Small Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I

Hobgoblin I x2

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Another thing is, Venture has very little shield to begin with, so you could dump a resistance module and add an extender so you can take a volley or two, which will give you a little more reaction time.

I unsubbed last night. I realized this is a game for lonely people that are trying to convince themselves they are having fun.

Maybe it was fun back in the day… but now its a place for fat losers to park and bark at.

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Cool, you are a stud. Can I have your stuff?

that describes your alliance, not the game as a whole.

SICO member, eh?



Majority of my time has been solo. But MMOs aren’t meant to be solo. To this day I’m still solo, but now indirectly helping other pilots. There are times I’ve unsubbed, and taken breaks but sometimes it’s needed.

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