Trying to be a miner in null-sec is boring

Most gates are camped. The ones that don’t, upon trying to go to a mining site, you’re met with NPCs that most mining ships have difficulty destroying unless you spend about an hour warping in and out while destroying them one-at-a-time, and woe is you if a malicious player comes on by. Understandably, if this stuff is fleet content, you want people doing it in a fleet. The problem is… this is really boring. Really boring. "This is a space sim, huh? boring.

Are you meant, as a solo player, to go to low-sec instead? I went right into null-sec and got bored the moment I was spending more time warping than doing anything else. Yes, I made a fair sum of ISK… but holy mother of God, it’s boring.

This does kind of touch upon the issue of how high-sec due to it’s safety isn’t as boring as null-sec at it’s worst, though – in high-sec, you’ll always be able to do something regardless of how stupid things get. You can kill NPCs, you can mine, you can do boring and ineffective agency quests. This is why high-sec is popular, in my opinion, as a player who’s only about 10 days old.

Mining isn’t a very exciting activity unless you’re being hunted…but since you really don’t like being hunted, perhaps another activity would suit you better.

Solo play is perhaps hardest in null because in a lot of null sec space you are denied even the most basic of infrastructure like docking.

But it’s upto you to decide whether its the right thing for you or not.


If you want to mine then find a corp in low sec with a decent moon mining setup. You’ll get the best of both worlds.

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You should be joining up with a corporation.


It’s a multiplayer game.



I like that. :+1: at least in null, players are not blind locally unlike in wormhole space.

Are you sure about that? :slight_smile: Null is the safest place for miners. You just need more time to experience eve online. You are just being chase because you’re an illegal miner in their sovereignty. Many players works hard/joins a lot of war to occupy and maintain a sovereignty in null and they are paying sovereignty bill and your their mining illegally. :slight_smile: Don’t get me wrong it’s not a wrong way to play this game, you just need to be prepared to explode if they catch you or you can try to join one of the alliance there and mine there safely if they accepted you.

Only boring people get bored


Mining is fine only if you chill out with some friendly people while chewing asteroids. Solo mining is best way to drop game as fast as possible.


I don’t care what they pay to whom, there is NO SUCH THING as “mining illegally” in a game. w.t. actual f.
Those players need to get over themselves. Just because they can gank someone in a game doesn’t mean they’re following some law, it just simply means they like to bother other players and because bullying in EVE is permitted that’s their only reason and gameplay: Bullying.

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Of course there is “mining illegally” a game where the players get to set the laws of the space they claim. They can set all sorts of laws, sensible or crazy, and do their best to enforce those laws.

Bullying is a feature, not a bug, of this competitive, open-world PvP sandbox game. How can you play a competetive game specifically designed so we all can interact with each other without “bothering” the other players?

If some players want to shoot miners for fun or profit, or claim some space and set up some rules, that is fine and how this game is suppose to work. It’s also fine if you reject those laws and/or the authority of those imposing those laws, and take that ore for yourself.

That’s Eve!


If that’s the case. Goonswarm should just allow Panfam to mine in their sovereignty and vice versa. No more ingame wars. :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t read minds, however I think the point being made is that players who hold sov and mine in NULL are likely to defend it. Illegal it is not, and to be fair the point was made that this is a legitimate way to play - just be prepared.

As for original question, mining as an activity can be somewhat boring as aside from dealing with rats and watching local there isn’t much activity required, but you have to take it in context of the vast amount of opportunities the game offers including what you can do with the stuff you mine. As a new player I used to sneak into wormholes in a Venture to get rare ores and hope I didn’t get caught!


So it’s not “Traglivian” space or EDENCOM or anything like that in fact, it’s billy-bob’s space because bily-bob has friends and if you’re not friend with Billy-bob then don’t play the game.
Gotcha. Not a problem.

There’ll always be war between bullies.

uhm pretty much, welcome to EvE.

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If you’re that upset about breaking someone elses laws…then i guess so.

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Is this what they mean by ‘Triggered’ ?




Well, yes, if Billy Bob claims a space then it is his. Whether he can enforce that claim or not is a different issue, and some claims are worthless while others are more real, but regardless you can always content that claim and do what you want. Just because someone says that a system is theirs, doesn’t mean you have to agree or somehow prevents you from logging in.

The NPC owners are just roleplay fluff to give some character to the regions of space. NPC-controlled space does have some gameplay consequences and limits what players can do, but it doesn’t mean they are exempt for the sandbox or that players can’t exert their will or influence over these systems.

All of New Eden is a player-controlled, PvP sandbox. A 17-year long Battle Royale game where players compete for resources and power. If you don’t want to play that game, then you don’t have to, but it is completely normal and intended in Eve to have to deal with Billy Bob and his friends trying to impose their will on you.