Super bored


So I’m a single-account player, and I am a miner in nullsec, flying a hulk. What should I do next in the mining career, that will take my mining career to the next level? I have a rorq but I dont really like to risk it because the return is so poor.

Advice is always appreciated.

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Super bored

Those two don’T go together.

Maybe mine in a bait Skiff and kill these pesky tacklers.

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Nobody can tell you what you SHOULD do in this sandbox. You should focus on doing an activity that you like. if you are bored when you mine, then do something else.
If you are bored while mining in null sec, whereas almost all null-seccers are involved in a massive war, maybe just do a break and try some other games, or go and do some sport and meet your friends irl?
don’t expect other players to find the answer, mate

You might as well stop playing.
That’s what you get when you play in nullsec, in richness,
with no actual sense of doing anything sensible and fun with it.

Unlike you I’d actually make good use of your money.

You’re wasting your life away playing this game like this.
Sure, we’re all wasting our lives away that way, but you’re far worse off.

You could always join a small Corp or make some alts to help you

Train up enough skills to Explore, cloak, etc. And go do a “Walkabout”! It’s cheap if you lose your ship. It’s fun to poke around and see how the rest of EVE lives.

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You could always divest your mining assets to manufacture the new CONCORD ships.

Find a few other miners like yourself, not to many though.

Beeing a miner was the reason why i quit the game for the first time. Pretty much anything else in this game (PvE, PvP, Trading, Production, Salvaging, Exploration, Spying) is more fun.


Mining in lowsec, in a raven, back in 2006, that was kinda not as boring.

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Good advice. Thank you.

Thanks. I was more trying to find out from other miners, how they are managing to find fun by mining. Like what am I doing wrong, if it is so boring? Or is everyone also just as bored with the mining end-game?

Thanks. I appreciate the reply.

I preferred the Rokh, to be honest.

I went to the sport club down the road. Thanks for the advice.

There were no Rokhs.

I tried that, but the Skiff doesn’t do much dps.


If you really want to be in the mining business …
… and want to have fun with it without actively shooting anyone …

… then …

… try finding jetcan miners and steal their ore.
… find other miners and start mining their rocks and switch rock when they switch.
… bump miners out of mining range, asking for ore to make you stop.
… keep publicly declaring a certain belt as yours and defend it against other miners.

That’s a huge amount of content, even more so when you do all the research yourself.

My corp’s called “Mine.” for a reason. : - )


I could get on board with this…kinda like the special cousin to code. Good for the lulz

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