Semi-AFK mining tips please?

Hey there. I’m wanting to play EVE again and have something to do somewhat idly while I’m working. Would mining be a good option for me? I’ll be at my desk and able to respond within 15 seconds or so if anything needs attention, but I’m looking for a very low attention required job to do. Any suggestions would be great. I’m currently in Null Sec with a large corp, and I’m also Alpha for now…

Use a Hulk, yield > everything. ORE strip miners, faction modules and drones and some implants help too.

And try to remain in 0,5 that´s where the good stuff is. There are nasty ore robbers tho, if you see someone opening your cans, just launch him a flight of combat drones!


As alpha there is no other option than venture. If I see properly, you are part of brave. Consider gas huffing in catch if you have isk for that skill book. But probably you won’t be able to sell gas inside null. Maybe some buy back corps will take it. You must ask around.

for ore, just grab best isk/m3 you have around. Also look for public moon in slack when they are available.

Mine planets instead.

Probably planet interaction is the only safe thing to do afk, some ones gonna blow u up eventually if not every day, if you are trying to afk mine null sec, unless your corp is gonna baby sit your character for you. 15 seconds is way to much lag time to respond to a threat.

You should try eve echoes it was designed for you to do what it is you are talking about, where eve online is designed to keep you at the computer.

You can even haul afk in that game.

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You can’t do PI as alpha…

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so you wanna play the game but not playing the game?
hey i wanna play the guitar but staying away from the guitar
hey i wanna play football but not being on the ground

if you don’t like mining, do something that you like more. But don’t ask for semi-afk activities. All those afk/semi-afk activities contribute to inflation

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This is not true anymore.
Eve echoes changed the auto pilot thing not too long after release. Gate camps happen there too now.

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Oo didn’t know that. Stop telling me those things haha;) might have to sell my computer for a s7 plus tablet now.

Oh, right! Didn’t think of that. It’s just the one (non) activity I could think of that allows for some real profitable and safe AKF-ing. If you do enough activities to make that first 500 PLEX, you might be able to keep that subscription up if you train multiple characters into PI. Also depends if your alliance has a buyback program for stuff used in T2 production.

Semi-afk is probably going to get you killed. I can watch youtube or whatnot while doing things like ratting, but keeping one eye on local and intel channels has become as automatic process for me as checking mirrors while driving. Thus, I can’t say that semi-afk can’t be done safely, but it’s going to be harder for you to do it as a newbro.

Also, mining sucks. Brave probably has a money making guide somewhere. Perhaps you should check that out.

Level 4 Mining Missions are perfect for this. I do this currently when I’m busy with other stuff and it works like a charm. It is reasonably safe since you are mining in deadspace and you fly cheap ships - so players have to combat probe you to kill you.
You are not really mining for materials here, since those are mission-only items but you get some ISK and LP.

Here is the guide that made me try it in the first place: Level 4 Mining Mission Summary


Best tip for semi-afk mining, don’t do it. Play the game or don’t log in.

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protip: DON’T!

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